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What Happened To Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl?


So happened between Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl? Daniel Petry was an unruly and rascal kid who made headlines in 2007 for sexually assaulting and murdering his friend Gabriel Kuhn. Reports have it that he has always been a violent kid right from infancy and lacked some sort of parental control.

This article is going to give a very vivid report on what transpired between the two teenagers and also how everything ended up.

What Transpired Between Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhl

Daniel Petry was a teenager from the city of Santa carina who has always been notorious and aggressive right from infancy, a kid who was soo hot-headed that the least provocation lead to him assaulting and fighting his peers.

Due to that he always had problems with the laws of the land, at a point, his parents were triggered to send him to a psychiatric center for healing and counseling but he escaped and didn’t go for sessions.
Beyond it all he was a serious game addict who was always by his computer playing online video games, combing through the internet, and watching Brazilian soap operas.

It was in the course of playing online games when he one day bumped into Gabriel Kuhn and they both established a strong friendship bond. In the course of their friendship, Gabriel one day took a loan of 20,000 brazil real in tibia’s online virtual currency from Daniel with the assurance of paying it back.

Gabriel upon receiving the money failed to pay it back and even blocked Daniel from his virtual contacts. The action provoked Daniel who went straight to Gabriel’s house in the absence of his mum and locked the door from behind as soon as he entered.

He then began to beat up Gabriel till he got exhausted then pushed him over the bed to rape him, after the ordeal he took a game console cord and tied it around Gabriel’s neck suffocating him till blood oozed from his mouth. He then went in for a hacksaw and completely butchered the body of Gabriel before leaving the house.

Gabriel’s brother was the first person to arrive at the scene which he blew an alarm alerting his next-door neighbors who quickly called the police. The police on arriving chanced upon a series of chats between the two kids concerning the virtual so they just tracked Daniel’s house and got him arrested.

Daniel upon interrogation didn’t plead guilty to the charges leveled against him but rather affirmed he was responsible for the murder. Judge Alvaro Andrade then sentenced him to three years imprisonment, which the players of the tibia weren’t well pleased with because they believed such a serious crime demanded life imprisonment.

What Happened To Both Of Them At The End?

After serving his term, Daniel vanished from the city of Santa carina as no one ever got to know his whereabouts till date, although there are speculations he committed suicide with some also saying he probably relocated to another country. With Gabriel Kuhn, he died which the tibia players paid a great tribute to him.

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