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Unveiling The Beauty Of Tess Curtis White, Betty White’s Mother


Tess Curtis White is the mother of the famous Betty White. She was born in the late 18th century and almost lived a two decades. Tess Curtis White was born on the July 25, 1899 and died on November 11, 1985. She died at the age of 86 with a grey hair.

In this post, I will discuss the graceful years of Tess Curtis and how she managed to raised her daughter to become a well-known celebrity.

And if it happens to be your first time of hearing about Betty White’s mother, then I got you covered. In the next paragraph, I will reveal all her wiki so you get to know her better. After that, I will walk you through her early life, personal life, and a brief journey about her daughter, Betty White.

Now, let’s get started!

Full Name: Tess Christine white
Date of birth: 25th July 1899
Husband: Horace Logan white
Children: Betty white
Color of the eyes: Blue
Color of the hair: Yellow
Net worth: $50,000
Occupation: Homemaker
Nationality: American
Date of death:11th November 1985
Siblings: Thomas Curtis
Parents: Nicholas Cachikis and Margaret Cachikis

The Early Life Of Tess Curtis White

Born on July 25th 1899 to an ice cream driver dad and mother, Tess grew up in a suburb of Chicago alongside her younger brother Thomas. Her parents were of mixed race thus her dad from Greek and her mum was of English and welsh descent.

Tess had all her basic education in Chicago and even proceeded to the college level there which afterward she took up a job as a homeworker.

Tess Curtis White Personal Life

She entered into a romantic relationship with Horace Logan white a sales rep in the electric industry. They then got married in 1921 and had their daughter betty in 1925, and lived in soo many cities with her before finally settling in Beverly hills.

Tess Curtis White Net Worth

She had a net worth of $ 50,000 which she made from her homeworking job

Her Death

She died at the age of 86 years in 1985 and was buried in forest lawn memorial park in California.

Meet Betty White, The Daughter Of Tess Curtis White

Her daughter betty Marion white known in the public space as betty white was one of the most recognized and popular American actresses and comedian. Through her good works and active display of talent, she had her name included in the hall of fame list and was given a star.

She also got featured in the Guinness book of records as one of the longest television entertainers. Having paid her dues well in both the radio, television and film industry she is regarded by many as one of the pioneers and pacesetters in the industry.

Born on 17th January 1922 betty spent most of her formative years in Los Angeles and Beverley hills. After graduating from high school she took up many odd jobs before finally deciding to settle on movie and radio. Betty like any other person has had her down moments as she once disclosed in an interview that securing a role in the movie and radio industry was tough from the start that she suffered a series of rejections.

She has since then featured in over 80 movies and television series. She also worked as a judge on many reality show programs and has been a regular panelist on many radio discussions.

She also used her huge influence to speak against racism against the black community which got her been attacked by those in the southern states. She is a huge supporter of the LGTBQ movement and has always maintained her stance that everyone has the right to any sexual orientation.

Betty never had children of her own although was married to television host Paul Ludden for soo many years before his death in 1961, she is a stepmom to Paul’s kids
She died at the age of 99 some few days after her birthday after suffering from a stroke.

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