Who Is Ryan Waller And What Happened To Him?


Any time the name Ryan Waller is mentioned the only thing that rings in people’s minds is the young man who was attacked by gunmen in 2006. His story was a sad and tragic one that actually gained a lot of public sympathy from the masses. Well let’s dive to know the in-depth of the matter

The Early Life Of Ryan Waller

Born on February 12, 1988, Ryan hails from a suburb in Tennessee to David Wallers. Growing young Ryan developed a keen interest in instrument playing particularly guitar as his dad revealed how intelligent he was in capturing music being played and singing alongside it.


What Happened To Ryan Waller

It all happened on 23 December 2006 when Ryan and his girlfriend heather were having a cozy moment in their apartment in Knoxville. They then heard someone knocking very hard at their door, Ryan stood up to go and check who it was, upon reaching there it was Larry carver and his son.

He had actually come to seek revenge for a misunderstanding that transpired between both of them in the past, upon sighting Larry, Ryan decided not to open which Larry forcefully entered.

They shot Ryan twice in the head and proceeded to heather whom they killed instantly, afterwards they made away with a lot of valuable items in the room.

The police authorities upon arriving at the scene found Ryan badly injured with heater gone so they handcuffed Ryan and took him to the police station for questioning. During the questioning phase, he was been forced to accept he killed heather which he didn’t, he was then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Due to the late medical attention given to him, Ryan lost a portion of his brain and left eye, the severity of the injury also caused him to be having multiple seizures along the line. He died some years back after the incident through a brain burst as he couldn’t regain his fitness level again

The Action

The perpetrators of the crime thus Larry and his son Richie were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and also burglary.

What Did Ryan Waller’s Parents Do After His Death

After his death, his dad stopped granting interviews about his son but usually appears on a podcast to eulogize his son and also talk about how proud he was that the perpetrators of the crime were jailed.

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