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What Happened To Zachary Taylor Warner?


Zachary Taylor Warner is the adopted son of retired NFL and hall of Famer member Kurt Warner. Kurt gave him his name after getting married to the mother in 1997. This article is going to focus on who really Zachary is, what happened to him, his family, and also the career path is chosen.

Full Name: Zachary warner Taylor
Date of birth: 29th April 1989
Parents: Kurt warner and Brenda warner
Siblings: Jesse jo warner, Kada warner, Jadda jo Warner, Elijah warner, Sienna warner & Sierra warner
Nationality: American
Color of the hair: Black

Early Life of Zachary Taylor Warner

Born to an NFL father Kurt and a corporal marine mother Brenda in west Virginia, Zachary is the first of six siblings. Although Kurt isn’t his biological father, Zach’s biological father was also a marine corps as same the mother, which Kurt adopted him as a son when he met Brenda.

What Happened To Him

The unfortunate happened to Zach just four months after birth as his biological dad mistakenly dropped him on the floor with his head crushing very hard. Doctors declared him dead due to the severity of the injury but he miraculously resurrected but ended up with traumatic brain injury making him partially blind.

It downed on his parents as the mum had just been promoted to the corporal level so had to quit and take care of him. Is situation also motivated his parents establish a treasure house in Phoenix, particularly for housing people with cognitive disorders.

Although being visually impaired at that young age can be daunting, Zach’s family has always stood by his side ensuring he gets the necessary support.


Zach currently doesn’t have any occupation but is mostly based in the treasure house headed by CEO Lauri tanner. It was established by his parents purposely for housing intellectual adults leaving with disability.

The treasure house was also created to tell the world that people living with disability shouldn’t be underestimated and stigmatized as they have hidden talents instilled within them that can benefit the world. A documentary was shot on it which made them gain international recognition across the globe.


Kurt warner is an ex-NFL player currently inducted into the hall of Famers list, he is regarded as one of the greatest NFL players whose presence in the game has left a great mark.

Also, the only undrafted player in history to have been named NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP and also the only undrafted quarterback to have led his team to a super bowl victory. A strong devoted Christian, he currently works as a full-time radio analyst in NFL.


His mum Brenda warner resigned from her marine work after attaining the corporal title in order to cater for him, but later enrolled in nursing school and is currently a nurse.


The elderly amongst six children, Zach has five junior siblings behind him namely Jesse jo a philanthropist who owns an NGO called G road, Kade warner an American footballer who plies his trade for the Kansas state wildcats team, Jada jo warner a YouTuber, Elijah warner also following his dad’s footsteps and plays for temple university football club, sienna and sierra warner who are the youngest currently in high school.

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