Ghana Needs A Military Rule Rather Than Democracy- Great Ampong

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“Democracy is not suitable for Ghanaians; we need military rule instead. Let’s go back to the military rule; I think that will help us.”

Great Ampong, a gospel musician, made the above remarks on how Democracy destroys our country’s reputation. According to him, the only way Ghana can move forward is when part of our constitution needs to revise. He complained that, because of Democracy, corruption has increased to the extent that ministers are not servicing their assigned duties when given a specific project.

“The president should embark on thorough checks after given out any contract since some of the ministers always gives fake reports when assigned a contract.”

“We should allow the military to rule the nation for just a year and see how the country will transform. How can you go for a loan to make a song that educates people to keep the environment clean? Imagine a military man is standing at Kantamanto; you won’t even dare to litter around!”

Remembering the early days of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings, Ampong cited that Ghana needs to experience some of the former president J.J. Rawlings’s institutions to help shape our nation.
He added, “the country needs to amend the constitution; else we will lose our direction. There is no discipline in the country.”

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