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6 Seductive Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her Right NOW!


Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

How to tell if a girl wants you to kiss her? What are some of the signs a girl likes you to kiss her? Dating a girl for the first time is always unique, and you don’t have to ruin her night. It is your first date, don’t try to poke her with a kiss if she’s not yet ready for that.

It is one of the common mistakes guys make when dating for the first time. That’s why we have in this post, signs a girl wants you to kiss her so that you don’t mess things up. Although kissing is charming when starting a relationship, it can also be a catastrophe to your dating timeline if you don’t dive in well.

So you need to know when a girl is ready to be kissed to avoid shame. I understand the feelings and thoughts that run through your mind when you gaze at her during a conversation—not forgetting the fears of her rejecting you for a kiss. I have been there before, so I know what I’m talking about.

However, before you make any move to kiss her, read these whole tips to learn the 6 signs a girl is ready for a kiss.

Seductive Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

Below are some of the clear signs a girl is demanding a KISS from you and how to respond to the trigger:

1. Take Advantage Of Kissing Triggers

Seductive Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her
Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

Emotional triggers are some of the clear signs a girl wants you to kiss her. I will explain that!

Not always will a girl ask you to kiss her, but the surroundings will trigger the connections for a perfect kiss.

For instance, when the conversation gets excited during a date, or let’s say you see a couple kissing around you. She may feel nervous to ask for a kiss at that instance, and that’s when you have to take it easy.

Again, maybe you guys are watching a romantic movie together, and the scene of kissing pops up to trigger her craving for your touch. And because it is her first time, she will wait for you to make a move.

2. When She’s Making Lustful Eye Contact With You

Lustful eye contact are some of the clear signs a girl wants you to kiss her. Suppose your date maintains good eye contact and occasionally drops her gaze to look at your mouth before looking back into your eyes.

In that case, it could be a very positive sign, according to Judi James, author of “The Body Language Bible.” 

“It’s a definite sign that someone is attracted to you—and more specifically—is thinking about kissing you,” she says.

Not always will she desire a kiss when gazing at you, it could be she’s paying close attention to what you’re saying.

To know if she’s craving for a kiss, examine her body language. She may be turning her neck or playing with her hair whiles starring at you lustfully. If this happens, know that she’s is more into you and would like you to give her a kiss.

3. Licking Lips Is A Sign She Wants You To Kiss Her

Seductive Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her
Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

I lick my lips whenever I see my favorite food on the dining table. Yeah! You can say I like food, and I won’t mind you.”

One of the seductive signs a girl wants you to kiss her, is when she stare at you while licking her lips.

Yes! She wants you to kiss her right away.

Let’s read what Tonya Reiman, the author of The Power Of Body Language, wrote about lib licking: “We lick our lips when we see something we desire,” she says.

Therefore, if you see that your girl is licking her lips whiles staring at you, it could mean that she’s hungry for you and would like you to kiss her.

Tonya Reiman added, “When you’re attracted to someone, your mouth produces extra saliva. That one, too, is appetite.

4. When She’s Constantly Touching You

There are times a girl may touch a guy in an intimate way, but it’s not clear whether it is one of the signs a girl wants you to kiss her or not.

Assume you’re in a mall or a conference, and an adorable girl takes off a shred from your hair. What do you think it means? “Aw! Gideon, this girl is so into me!” 

Naa! Not necessarily that kind of touch. But if you realize she’s constantly touching you in seductive ways like:

  1. The forearm grab. When occasionally touches your forearm during a conversation.
  2. The back neck or ears touches.
  3. The arm slap. When you say something s*xy, and frequently slap your arms.

5. She’s Ok When You Make The Move

Seductive Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her
Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

Try to avoid leaning in clumsily for a kiss. You also don’t want to be too forceful when going for a kiss. You should try leaning in over halfway to your girl and let her be the one to make the final move toward your lips.

If she moves towards you or doesn’t storm when you learn towards her, then it’s a clear sign she wants you to kiss her.

Never miss this chance in your entire life. If this is your first of kissing a girl, follow these instructions so that you don’t ruin the passion.

  1. Make sure she wants a kiss.
  2. Position yourself in a strategic manner
  3. Touch her hands or back
  4. Confidently tell her you’d like to kiss her. You can say something like, “I’d love a kiss before I go,” “Heck! Let’s kiss right now.”
  5. Make a smooth approach.
  6. Close your eyes and turn your head to the right.
  7. Keep your lips slightly open and wait for her to make a move.
  8. Hold on to your tongue for now. Every first KISS should be a lip contact.

6. A Goodbye Hug Will Tell It All

If all the signs outlined above still won’t convince you that a girl wants you to kiss her, the goodbye hug will defend our points.

After the date, everything was on point, the image was clear, the timing and conversation were perfect. You thought of kissing at the table, but you couldn’t. Now, it’s time to send her home, and you think it’s almost over for a kiss.

You hug her to say goodbye, and she pulls you tightly towards her. It shows that it’s not over yet; she’s waiting for you to kiss her.

Have You Ever Wanted To kiss A Girl & You Ended Up NOT Doing It? 

Signs A Girl Wants You To Kiss Her

Let’s read what happened to Sebastian Harris, the author of the Rise Of The Pheonix, men’s dating guide. “I still remember that day.

It was our first date, and she looked incredible. Her tight dress made my head spin, and her cheeky smile made my mouth watery. I wanted her. I wanted her so bad.

I already imagined how it would feel to kiss her soft lips. I fantasized about undressing her and exploring her body.

The thought of playing my hands on her perfectly shaped butt cheeks made my heart beat faster and faster. Then I made a terrible mistake. I allowed her to sit on the other side of the table.

The result:

  1. We didn’t connect.
  2. She didn’t touch me.
  3. I couldn’t kiss her.

“The whole evening felt like a never-ending nightmare. Just because of this one mistake.”

Sebastian Harris has the vision to support, inspire and motivate men worldwide during their journey towards becoming successful seducers.

He is well-known in the men dating arena, featured on lifehack.org, and helping me get any girl they want through his series titled Rise Of The Phoenix.

Learn from him, get the strategy he uses down, and hot girls will chase you.

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