How To Make A Relationship Work When It’s Falling Apart


How to make a relationship work? I always received messages from friends and others about this type of question. Thank you for taking that bold step to work on your relationship and save yourself marriage from divorce.

Think of any couple in your neighborhood whose love you relish. Parents, co-workers, neighbors, or people whose tender relationships have survived year after year. Inspiring reverence for their deep caring commitment and joy.

Successful relationships have related features and qualities. However, sharing your life with another person can be challenging if you don’t encounter associations.

Any relationship built on feelings will hit the rock of divorce. We don’t get into a relationship based on emotions. A lot of relationships are collapsing because of how the other partner feels. “I feel like my partner is cheating on me.”

How To Make A Relationship Work

Love alone does not contribute to a healthy relationship; there are other factors you need to consider. Below are the five essential keys to help make your relationship or marriage victorious.

1. Invest In Your Marriage Or Relationship

how to make a relationship work
How To Make A Relationship Work

Anytime we hear about investment, what comes to mind is money. If you don’t invest, you’re missing out on opportunities to increase your financial worth.

People concentrate on investing more in businesses than in their relationships. It is unusual for people to make time and effort to attend a business seminar to increase their job productivity or attain other life skills. When was the last time you took time away to work on your marriage relationship?

Ways To Invest In Your Marriage

  1. Start reading books about love and relationships together with your partner.
  2. Attend a marriage retreat together with your partner.
  3. Saying, I love you often.
  4. Surprise each other with charitable gifts.
  5. Find a mentor couple to spend time together.

2. Build Your Relationship Based On Commitment.

You’re in love with someone, and luckily enough, that person loves you back. Passion and commitment don’t come easily, and no matter how much you love each other, things can always go wrong.

  • Commitment is what it takes for a relationship to work, not feelings.
  • Commitments overlook mistakes, but feelings don’t compromise.
  • It makes you loyal, while feelings let you get hurt.
  • Take responsibility, not feelings, because emotions can change at any time.

Ways To Stay Committed To Your Partner.

👉 Give some time to plan your future together. It could mean spending a holiday together, looking to buy a house together, or even starting to plan your wedding if you are ready to take that step. Share your ultimate career plans and consider the goals and dreams you want to accomplish.

👉 To be committed means to love the person unconditionally without any conditions. Everyone has a past; therefore, you need to make peace with their history and accept the person the way they are and love them for it.

3. Be There For Each Other.

The most crucial matter in every relationship is getting someone to share your problem with whom. Your partner should always feel like they can turn to you for comfort and advice. Be right there when they are down and comfort them with encouragement.

4. Always Stick To The Truth.

Your partner should have an exact picture of the person they are thinking of spending their lives with. If they find out that you have been lying to them or not telling them the great truth, it will hurt because you’re that one person that they trust more than anyone else. You don’t want to change that!

5. Learn How To Compromise

A relationship will never work if you don’t compromise with one another. No one enjoys living with a partner who holds “it’s either my way or the highway.”
Do you always feel like the doormat when it comes to making decisions with your partner?

Either way, a compromise between partners is vital to the existence of harmony, ever-growing love, and continued respect for one another. Learn how to start compromising in your marriage or relationship.

6. Don’t Chat More Than You Talk.

how to make a relationship work
How To Make A Relationship Work

Having good communication in a relationship is genuinely having a partner who talks to you, a good listener, and a good friend who honors you for who you are and makes some effort to make the relationship work.

There is nothing more annoying than addressing a problem while someone’s checking Snapchat or when a phone call comes in. The best part of a relationship is when your partner tells you, ‘Babe, we need to fix this problem’ rather than overlooking it.

Real caring relationships are not going to be ideal all the time, but how you address life’s challenges together with your partner is an excellent way to measure the relationship’s love and commitment.

Don’t chat more than you talk when the argument is over. When you become addicted to texting, you’re limiting the oil of emotional connection in your relationship. Talk to your partner concerning that issue rather than texting an apology.

Communication builds trust, and it has emotional connections. The more you talk to your partner, the greater the affection and the healthy the relationship. I know what it feels like when you think you’re the problem in the communication equation.

7. Think Before You Speak

We are all guilty of this, so don’t feel bad if you realize all the words you said to your partner during that argument. Thinking before you speak is an important skill to master in all kinds of situations.

Not only in your relationship, but it can also enable you to express yourself more adequately. Thinking before speaking is an acquired skill that needs time to develop correctly.

Every person has felt the shame of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, especially during an argument. Before you speak to your partner, use this ‘THINK’ acronym to conclude whether what you have to say would be necessary.

T-Reflect on what you are about to say and ask yourself if it’s the truth.

H-Decide whether those words can be helpful to your partner; If not, then stay silent.

I-Go ahead in your speaking if you want to inspire, compliment, appreciate, or motivate your partner.

N-Speak if what you’re about to say is necessary. It is better to give advice or speak up to prevent something terrible from happening.

K-Consider if what you’re about to say is kind. If it’s worth it, go ahead and speak up. “When you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

8. Compliment Your Partner A lot.

how to make a relationship work
How To Make A Relationship Work

Complimenting your partner on little things is a binding factor in a successful relationship. Telling your partner, you appreciate and value them can be challenging. Every person desires to experience affection and compliments differently.

Showing appreciation to your partner is an essential daily practice to nurture a healthy relationship. However, don’t underestimate your partner based on education, religion, or other standards.

Never compare your partner to others; love them the way they are and appreciate them for being in your life.

Ways To Compliment In A Relationship

If you want to make a relationship works, please I suggest you take these into consideration:

Saying ‘Thank You’ Regularly

Deliberately saying ‘thank you’ to your partner more often to show him or her your gratitude. Try and say it loud and more often. You don’t know how that appreciation can transform your partner’s view of responsibilities.

It Could Be Cooking A Special Dinner.

Set aside a little time to prepare a home-cooked meal for your partner. It can be that ideal meal or a recipe he or she is dying for it.

Give Your Spouse A Warm Welcome To Connect

Affection is powerful for a healthy relationship. Your touch, at the right time, can communicate appreciation. Give your partner a deem appreciative hug when he or she is back from work.

9. Make Some Small Sacrifices In Your Relationship

Successful marriages and relationships are all about serving. Attempt to show some recognition by giving. Avoid being a ‘taker,’ give selflessly without awaiting anything in return.
The point of the small sacrifice is to show your partner that you appreciate them enough to put their needs and desires ahead of your own sometimes.


These successful keys maintain the happiest couples. Follow these essential keys to have a successful relationship; work on your relationship today and enjoy a highly successful marriage. Leave a comment below with one of the relationship goals you and your partner plan to set.



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