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7 Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend


You’re about to find out the 7 Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend. Keep reading 😍

Women are difficult to deal with sometimes, and guys often don’t know what to do when their lady is sending off some confusing signals.

This blog will help you decode those signs and signals, so you never have to be left wondering if your woman wants you to ask her to be your girlfriend.

This is a post about how to tell if a girl wants to be your girlfriend. It is for a lady who wants to be your girlfriend even though you aren’t sure if she wants you to ask her to be your girlfriend.

Some signs can help you figure out if a woman wants to be your girlfriend or not.

Let’s get started guys!

Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

If you like a girl and want things to go beyond the friendship level, you should start thinking about making her your girlfriend. Now you can’t simply ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend and expect positive results.

You will have to use a different strategy, and one of the best ways to do that is to decode some of her body languages. Let’s look at 7 signs she wants to be your girlfriend.

βœ” She’s Always Smiling At You

Girls tend to like people who can make them smile a lot, but there are plenty of reasons someone could be smiling, so keep that in mind.

It’s not necessarily because they have a thing for you. It could be that she has got some brilliant news recently or just be doing well at work.

However, if you have to think about it and come to a conclusion, it’s likely you and your company that is making her happy, then at least you’re possibly on the right path.

βœ” She Invites You To Meet Her Friends

Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Most of the time, she wants to get an idea of what her friends think about her before taking any further steps towards the actual relationship.

However, her being happy to introduce you to her friends usually is a good sign that she wants to be your girlfriend.

βœ” She Tells You She’s Not Interested In Other Guys

You should always take advantage of this signs she wants to be your girlfriend. You know it’s real when she tells you that she doesn’t like to hang out with other people but enjoy hanging out with you? Doesn’t that give you warm fuzzy feelings on the inside?

Wait, is it because she downplays the other guys and tells you that she isn’t interested in them? She wants to make sure you get the hint that she only wants you.

βœ” She Will Tell You Secrets If She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Telling you her secret is one of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend. If you both have a good relationship already, then she’ll surely tell you her secrets. She does this because she trusts you.

Trust is what you should be looking for in a romantic relationship. It’s also risky because if you were to tell some personal secrets, she exposes herself, making herself vulnerable.

If that happens, you should already get a sense that she’s comfortable with sharing secrets with you. If she weren’t, she wouldn’t be doing it, so remember that.

βœ” She Shares Everything With You

Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

She is very mindful of you to the extent of sharing everything with you. It includes clothing and food; because it’s the basic things that you need to survive.

If you notice her taking your jacket or sweater and wearing it all the time, then you should notice her showing one of the signs to be your girlfriend.

I don’t know, but for some reason, some girls like wearing oversized clothes, especially when it’s yours.

Girls like to share food with the guys they want with the same utensil when eating.

If that’s the case, hands down chairman, she wants to be your girlfriend. You’re dating but, just without that title.

βœ” She’s Checking Up On You All The Time, Is A Sign She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

You can say that she cares about you or over obsessed with you, but either way, both mean that she likes you a lot. So, it’s a win-win either way unless you don’t like her.

She wants to see what you’re up to and make sure you’re in safe hands, as in you’re not talking to other girls.

Hey, listen, don’t blame her for doing it, that’s one fact about girls you need to know. She worries about you because you still haven’t locked her down yet. 

βœ” She Wants To Meet The People In Your Life

If she keeps pressuring you to meet your family one day, then it’s a vital sign that she’s serious about you. If not, she wouldn’t care to meet your family or friends.

She wants more exposure in front of your family and friends, so people will know what’s exactly going on.

Summing Up

Guys, you’ve been asking for a blog on this topic, so we decided to give it to you! We hope this blog post will help you find some signs she wants to be your girlfriend.

We know that these are just some signs she wants to be your girlfriend, but if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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