From Avocado to Kale: Our Top Picks for the Best Green Lipstick


Have you ever thought about matching your lipstick color with the vibrancy of fresh, green fruits and vegetables? We’re here to introduce you to the world of green lipsticks, a trend that’s making waves in the beauty scene.

We’ve handpicked our favorite shades that range from the creamy softness of avocado to the deep richness of kale. Get ready to step outside the box, unleash your creativity, and embrace the best green lipstick!

Lime Green

Lime green is a vibrant and bold color that truly stands out. It’s like having a slice of zesty lime on your lips, making you feel fresh and energetic. This shade is perfect for those who are daring and love to make a fashion statement.

Despite its unusual hue, lime green lipstick can complement a variety of skin tones. If you’re going for a funky, retro-inspired look, or simply want to turn heads at a party, lime green is a fantastic choice. Lime Crime and Anastasia Beverly Hills offer stunning emerald green lipsticks that can complement your style and confidence, even if you’ve recently undergone a lip reduction in New York.

Avocado Green

Avocado green lipstick, like the fruit it’s named after, offers a smooth and creamy consistency that effortlessly glides onto your lips. This unique shade of green, reminiscent of lush avocado groves, is on the lighter side, providing a subtle yet captivating appeal that is perfect for those who want to experiment with colors but aren’t quite ready for the boldness of lime green.

With its soft and natural hue, avocado green can complement a variety of skin tones, from fair to deep. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a more neutral, everyday look with a twist. Whether you’re going for a minimalistic vibe or want to add a pop of color to your makeup routine, avocado green lipstick will still be one of the top green lipstick recommendations this year.

Mint Green

Mint green lipstick is a refreshing color that reminds us of cool mint leaves. The light, pastel shade adds a serene touch to your look and is ideal for spring and summer seasons. It’s a soothing pop of color that works well with fair, medium, and dark skin tones.

Choosing mint green will add a unique twist to your beauty routine, standing out in a delightful way. Whether you’re heading out for a casual day out or attending a fun event, mint green lipstick will make you look chic and stylish.

Forest Green

Forest green lipstick is a deep, earthy color that takes inspiration from the lushness of a dense forest. It’s an adventurous shade that’s perfect for those who aren’t afraid to go bold and dark with their lip color. The deep hue of this lipstick can make a strong fashion statement, attracting attention and setting you apart from the crowd.

Despite its boldness, forest green lipstick can be surprisingly versatile and complementary to a wide range of skin tones. It’s especially beautiful on darker skin tones, where it can truly shine and make an impact.

Olive Green

Olive green lipstick, much like the fruit it’s inspired by, brings an earthy charm to your look. This shade is a beautiful blend of green and brown, imparting a unique, rustic appeal. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a distinctive, yet understated color.

The intriguing hue of olive green lipstick complements a wide range of skin tones. It can effortlessly transition from a casual day look to a dazzling evening look.

Emerald Green

Emerald green lipstick is like a hidden gem in the world of makeup. It captures the richness and depth of the precious stone it’s named after, providing a touch of luxury to your look. Its deep, jewel-toned shade makes a bold statement, yet it’s versatile enough to complement various skin tones.

The glamorous hue of emerald green is perfect for those special occasions when you want to stand out from the crowd. Wearing this lipstick will make you feel confident and elegant, just like the precious gemstone.

Teal Green

Teal green lipstick is a beautiful blend of blue and green, producing a color that’s as stunning as the tropical seas. This shade is a vibrant choice, guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd. The cool undertones in teal green make it a striking option that can enhance various skin tones.

Choosing teal green lipstick is akin to carrying a piece of the ocean with you, adding a touch of mystery and depth to your look. This shade is perfect for those who are adventurous and love to experiment with their style.

Grass Green

Grass green lipstick is like having a fresh, lush lawn on your lips. This shade is a true representation of the lively and vibrant color of nature, making you feel rejuvenated. It’s a wonderful pick for those seeking to infuse their look with a splash of freshness and vibrancy.

The hue of grass green has a youthful appeal, perfect to brighten up any look. It’s versatile and suits a wide range of skin tones, adding a playful touch to your makeup routine. This shade is a refreshing break from the mundane, introducing a fun twist to your everyday style.

Kale Green

Kale green lipstick is the epitome of bold and daring, similar to the leafy green vegetable it’s named after. This deep, rich shade is for those who aren’t afraid to be different and make a statement with their lip color. It adds an unexpected pop of color that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The powerful hue of kale green is versatile enough to complement a variety of skin tones, adding a striking element to any look. This shade is perfect for those adventurous moments when you want to express your individuality and stand out.

Unleash the Beauty of Your Lips With the Best Green Lipstick Selection

In conclusion, embracing the best green lipstick can introduce a splash of creative expression to your beauty routine, whether you prefer the boldness of kale green or the subtlety of avocado green. With our wide-ranging selection, you can find a shade that truly represents your unique style.

So why not go green and dare to stand out in the crowd? Your lips deserve to look as vibrant as you feel. Colors speak louder than words, and green could be your statement to your makeup choices!

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