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How To Toast A Girl Face To Face


How To Toast A Girl Face To Face: How To Approach A Girl You Don’t Know

Many guys are single because they don’t know how to toast a girl face to face. They become speechless anytime they see this particular lady. For others, they can relate but can’t pour their feelings on her.

This article is for those who don’t know how to toast a girl face to face.

One can use many ways to overcome the fear of approaching the girl he loves, and we’ll talk about the major one. I have been using this strategy, and I believe it will help you.

This post is suitable for all those struggling to approach their crush. You can use these mentalities for both day and night games.

How To Toast A Girl Face To Face

It’s even more complicated when the person you want to approach is a cute girl that you’re dying to spark up a conversation with, hoping to earn a date.

But how do you approach her the right way so you don’t get a push away? Below are the best tips for you:

Gather The Courage To Approach A Girl

Many guys don’t know how to toast a girl face to face because they lack the courage to approach in the first place. Think about it; she doesn’t even know you. She owes you nothing, and that might not help you much. However, there is another aspect of this.

Most boys are eager to get close because they fear rejection. If you approach a girl, the worst thing that can happen is that you feel a cold vibe or that they utterly reject you. Don’t worry; there are many other girls out there.

Examine Yourself First

I know many handsome guys who are rejected when they approach a girl. It seems crucial, but not so much. I also see many ugly guys meeting their crush successfully. It focuses not only on what to say; but also on posture, body language, tonality, and general calibration.

How can she reject “you” if she doesn’t know you? Your rejection is based only on a small sample of “you.” She doesn’t know her redeeming qualities. Any refusal she gives you right after a meeting can be superficial.

You could serve the best-qualified sandwich on the planet, but if she doesn’t like pickles. She doesn’t know who you are, how you are, what you do, or who your friends are. She doesn’t know anything, so don’t take rejections personally.

This mentality says: “Calm down, you’re just putting a sample of yourself, not enough for her to judge you properly.”

Take A Step To Toast The Girl

What is the worst thing that can happen when you approach a girl? They may reject you from time to time. I don’t know, well, but I’m always successful in becoming a girl winner.

The disadvantages of approaching a woman are minimal. So focus on the benefits:

  • You build more momentum
  • You meet a great girl
  • Add a benchmark and improve, which will help you in the future

In other words, “You don’t know this girl. If you get close to her, you might get to know her better. She could reject you, but if you don’t get close to her, you’ll never know.”

If you don’t approach her, you will never know her. There is almost a 100% chance. The only exception to this is if she already likes you and shows signs she wants to be your girlfriend; however, that rarely happens.

Know Her Conditions & Take It Easy

We are focusing on approaching new girls, but this mentality is also helpful for the girls in your area who you want to ask out (because you still don’t know her or have urgent concerns). Many kids blame themselves for interactions that don’t go the right way, and sometimes, it’s your fault. 

In some cases, the girl or her circumstances ruin things. Rejection is in her, not in you. There was no way to prepare or deal with some things.

For example:

  • Her friend has just passed away. This has happened to me!
  • She is having a stormy night
  • She has just begun her period
  • Her boyfriend is near or breaks up with her
  • Not in the mood

Or maybe it’s something so urgent that you can’t bother to talk as if you need to do a dump; that has also happened to me.

None of this is your fault. You don’t know the girl, so there’s no way you can know any of these things. Even if you knew, what could you do about it? You get to know her. The best thing that can happen is to f*ck her. It’s worth finding out, but if the interaction fails, it’s probably not your fault.

Lonely Parties Suck

This mentality works for everyone, including advanced men who suffer from what I call “laziness of approach,” that is, they don’t approach because they become lazy and don’t care. I know many seducers who experience this, including myself.

Although it is not as brutal as approach anxiety, it can be equally detrimental to its results. However, the mentality I am about to present works equally well to manage the fear of approaching. “The fear of approaching a girl is painful, but the fear of getting lost is worse.”

Please think about your fear of approaching the girl you like. It doesn’t feel perfect. However, something is even less fun than being rejected: having a party for yourself. Think of that s*xy girl that you could have hit, but you didn’t because you didn’t get close.

Summing Up

Now that you know how to toast a girl face to face, go ahead and approach that girl you’re crushing on. Rethink your fear of approaching and fear of not approaching. Keep in mind that your mind will trick you into rationalizing why you don’t need a girl.

Once you get home, you will quickly realize that these rationalizations were not based on reality, and you will be more careful when listening to your subconscious the next time you leave.


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