Who Is Rose Mendez? Alexa Demie’s Mum


Rose Mendez is a Mexican movie producer, scriptwriter, makeup artist, and fashion designer. Her daughter’s presence in the entertainment industry has been a huge booster to her business.

Full name: Rose Mendez
Date of birth: 25th October 1979
Nationality: Mexican
Children: Alexa Demie, falize Rome
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 70kg
Color of the hair: Blonde
Color of the eye: brownish black

Early Life Of Rose Mendez

Born in Mexico to Martha the second of the two siblings, she spent most of her early years there before finally relocating to the USA to seek greener pastures and also rebrand her career.


She established her company-wide awake and dreaming creativity in USA which is focused on makeup works, fashion designing, and script writing, due to her hard-working ethic she has been able to win the hearts of clients in her vicinity.

Ever since her daughter chalked huge success in the entertainment industry, it has now thrown more light and boosted her business with celebs all across the world patronizing her works.

Personal Life

She got married to legendary actor Scott Wilson and the marriage produced Alexa but they parted ways eight years after marriage. Her second daughter falize Rome also seems to be following in the footsteps of her mother as she regularly posts crafts of her fashion works on her social media handle she seem to be really in love with fashion designing and mostly sells clothes from her fashion line online.

Although not really popular like her big sister with the amazing works shared on her social handle tells she’s also doing well for herself. Much information is not known about her last born although she usually posts photos of her on her social media when she’s celebrating her birthday.

She seems to have a very strong connection with her daughters and gives them the maximum support in their chosen career. There is scarce information about his two daughters dad

Meet Rose Mendez’s Daughter Alexa Demie

Born in a suburb of California Alexa demie is the daughter of Mexican immigrant rose Mendez and veteran actor Scott Wilson vanerstrom. Her parents divorced when she was a very little girl which she once revealed in an interview that she lacked a father figure in her life when growing up.

As a teenager, she was always bullied in school due to her timid nature which triggered her in joining the school’s performing arts group although she had a strong interest in fashion.

She made her first television appearance in 2013 after appearing in a music video for singer Azealia banks, which after she was made to play the lead role in the godmother movie, a storyline that spoke about a drug lord in Mexico.

She owes the majority of her success to her Mikey Alfred who also secured her a role Mid90s movie, since then she has been featured in countless Hollywood movies and also appeared as a vixen in a few music videos.

She collaborated with a photographer to come out with a short story movie in which she played the role of a scary creature.

At a point in her life, she was into the making of sunglasses, which got the attention of most popular celebrities and even had her works featured in vogue magazine. She had to close it down because she felt she wasn’t well paid for her services.

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