Who Is Du’mier Banks? Meet Lil Durks’s Son


Du’mier Banks is the son of American rapper Lil Durk, although her mum isn’t known in the media space,Lil Durk seems to play an amazing fatherly role to keep him happy. Today we are going to touch on who he is, his siblings, physical qualities, and age.

Full name: Du’mier Banks
Year of birth: 2014
Age: 9years
Nationality: American
Siblings: Angelo Banks, Bello Banks, Zayden Banks, Skyler Banks, Willow Banks
Father: Lil Durk
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: black

Early Life Of Du’mier Banks

Born in America to rapper Lil Durk and an unknown mother hes the fourth of five siblings. Du’mier currently attends an elementary school.

Meet Du’mier Banks’ Siblings

He has five siblings who are all under the care of their dad namely Angelo Banks and Bella Banks who share the same mother Nicole Covone is currently separated from Lil Durk, Zayden Banks an aspiring basketball player, Skyler Banks which he had her with Tameka kute but they later broke up due to infidelity on Durk’s part, Willow Banks which he had with Indian royale in 2018 whom he’s currently married and acts as a mother to the remaining kids.

Who’s Du’mier Banks’ Mother

Details about his mother are a bit sketchy as she is not known in the media space although they are rumors alleging the rapper def loaf might be his mum due to her past romantic relationship with Durk.

Who Is Du’mier Banks’ Father

Duck derrick Banks known in the entertainment space as Lil Durk is an American-African rapper and record label owner with over a decade experience in the entertainment industry. He came up from a very poor background in a suburb in Chicago, which he always describes as a very tough moment in his life as even food and water to feed on was a problem.

To survive on the streets he joined a cartel of gangsters who were notorious for kidnapping, doing illicit drug business, bullying, possession of unlicensed weapons, and extortion. His affiliation with this group made him land in the grips of the security services almost all the time which he pleaded guilty.

He began his career in 2011 after failing to get a record label and debuted his first album in 2015 which had him signed on to Def jam records where he started bringing out a lot of hits songs. He has since then featured a lot of notable faces in the industry and his talent has seen him climb bigger platforms and concerts. He has also toured almost all the European and American countries.

Durk has also been involved in a number of legal issues and controversies in which he was held in the grips of the law. Most of his crimes had to do with the possession of unlicensed guns which has seen him being fined and put behind bars.

His concert was once interrupted by unknown gunmen who took the life of a fan. He has also been involved in countless lyrical wars with most of the rappers which saw them throwing shots at each other in their songs.

A Muslim by religion, Durk is a father of six children which he had with three different women and is currently married to one. At the moment he has full custody of all his six kids and his current wife plays a motherly role for them


Born in 2014 Du’mier is currently 9 years

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