Meet Stacie Zabka, The Wife Of William Zubka


Stacie Zabka is popularly known in media outlets as the legally wedded wife of actor William Zubka. A marriage of over 14 years although they both prefer keeping it out of public sight. This article is going to focus mainly on who Stacie Zubka is, her early life, career, and physical features.

Full Name: Stacie Zubka
Date of birth:17th May 1974
Husband: William Zubka
Children: Two
Occupation: Financial analyst
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5.3 feet
Weight: 60kg

Early Life

Born on the 14th May 1974 in a suburb of New York she spent almost her entire life there with her family and had her education from the basic level to tertiary education. She graduated with a bachelor’s in accounting.


She started a career as a financial analyst and also an entrepreneur of businesses, close sources say she’s doing good for herself as her business fetches her lots of money


Born in 1974 Stacie is currently 48 years.

Personal Life

She met her husband in the early 2000s at an event, where they both established contacts and became friends, in the course of the friendship they started dating and got married. They got married at a very private location in 2008 which saw the attendance of only a few family members and friends.

The media and cameras weren’t allowed at the venue as both couples are believed to be very private, due to that they are rarely seen at public events. The couple is currently blessed with two kids although they have managed to keep their faces away from the media.

They also avoid taking the kids to events where media men would take snaps of them, with Stacie not being a social media fan its rather William who on a few occasions has shared the children’s pictures on his Instagram but covered their faces and sometimes took the picture from behind.

The Husband Of Stacie Zabka

William Zubka is an American movie actor, martial arts expert, and producer with over four decades of acting experience, he is regarded as a legend by young actors. Born to parents of Czech background, William spent much of his early years in California where he had both his basic education and tertiary education.

He graduated with a bachelor’s in film production from the California state university. His first movie starred in was the karate kid in 1984 which motivated him to learn martial arts skills which he currently holds a belt in. He has since then starred in and written countless movies and tv series with he even using his home country Czech as a location.

He has also been nominated for many prestigious awards such as the young artist award and the academy awards. His producing skill isn’t limited to only acting but also music videos as he has also directed and shot a few music videos.

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