What Are The Best Shoes For Obese Walkers?


We examined more than 50 pairs of shoes, and the Reebok Work N Cushion for ladies and the New Balance 577 V1 for men are the finest walking shoes for obese walkers.

We spoke to 30 individuals with a BMI of 25 or above to determine the ideal footwear for an overweight walker. They included some who were overweight, those who were obese, and a few bodybuilders.

A medical scientist (M.Sc.) with an M.D. degree also gave us advice. Skip to the Buyer’s Guide section to hear their opinions. We sought out as much guidance as we could before beginning our inquiry.

We sought shoes that were spacious, permeable, and had adequate cushioning. Strong arc support and comfortable zero-drop soles were priorities for us. The models we looked at have to be available in broad sizes. People we spoke to mentioned that it could be difficult to bend over, so we also sought easy-tie laces.

We were pleasantly surprised by the Reebok Work N Cushion and the New Balance 577 V1. They are cozy shoes with a lot of additional weight support. They come in a variety of widths and are durable and breathable.

They assist in sustaining the arc and allowing your feet to travel through their natural range of motion, which is great for lowering foot tension. We also examined shoes from other categories.

For instance, the Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 for women and the Saucony Xodus Sneaker for men are the most supportive shoes we evaluated. You walk more naturally and with better foot posture, thanks to them.

They also provide the arch with sustained support. Men should choose Skechers Go Max Slip-Ons for summer wear, while ladies should wear Skechers GO, Walk Joy. Both are incredibly light and breathable without compromising on comfort or support.

Why Choose Shoes For Obese Walkers?

If you are overweight, you should look for shoes with exceptional arch support to encourage appropriate alignment and distribute weight fairly. Make sure the shoe has the best insole for obese walkers.

Choose shoes that come in broad widths to fit the size of the shoes properly. Avoid wearing narrow or tightly fitting shoes, as they may cause discomfort and problems with your feet.

Look for footwear with a roomy toe box allowing enough toe movement. It can aid in avoiding problems like ingrown toenails, calluses, and blisters.
To improve stability and regulate excessive foot motion, which lowers the risk of accidents, consider footwear with reinforced heel counters and hard outsoles.

Especially during lengthy hikes or workout sessions, choose shoes composed of breathable and lightweight materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Some top shoes for hefty guys that stand all day are listed below.

Look for shoes with movable closures like laces, straps, or buckles to achieve a snug and personalized fit. It can stop soreness and foot slippage when walking. In this article, we have grouped the best shoes for obese walkers into two categories. We have the best shoes for morbidly obese woman and best shoes for heavy guys standing all day.

Now, let’s get started on our list of the best shoes for overweight people:

Best Shoes For Morbidly Obese Woman

Here are some of the best shoes for overweight ladies. As already stated, we did our researched and have discovered these best walking  or athletic shoes for overweight female you need to check them out. We will leave a link to their product pages so that you can do further research and read more reviews about the shoes. 

Here they are!

1. Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe

Best shoes for obese walkers
Best shoes for obese walkers


For obese walkers, this shoe works well. It includes a revolutionary Guiderail Support System that concentrates on the body part of the runner that is most prone to injuries rather than only the feet. The GuideRails function reduces excessive movement so that moving continues to be comfortable.

In addition, the shoe has a cushioning effect that is both soft and protective. Yes! The ideal amount of cushion is provided with each stride, allowing you to glide through your run, stroll, and daily activities.



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