The Meaning of a Norse Necklace


The Victorian age is often recalled for extremes, from the ruffled style of women’s clothing to the fringe and flowers on the same dresses. Not to mention the wide variety of jewelry, ranging from massive brooches and chokers to intricate lockets.

But if you are looking for a more traditional and original necklace, you may find yourself wanting to go back in time to the 6th century to be exact. Norse Viking jewelry is simple yet striking pieces of neckwear.

If you are interested in learning more about the meaning of a Norse necklace and wearing Viking-style jewelry, keep reading.

The Valknut Necklace 

The Valknut necklace is a unique Norse symbol. This powerful symbol has been in existence since the Viking age and signifies a connection to the gods of Asgard. It is said to represent determination, strength, and power.

The Norse Valknut necklace is a reminder of faith in one’s purpose and the courage to face all odds. The Valknut necklace serves as a talisman, protecting the wearer against life’s toughest challenges.

It is said to provide guidance, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity. This is one of the viking symbols that represents an ever-present reminder of fate and destiny. 

The Three Inter-lock Triangles

A Norse necklace featuring the three interlock triangles is a beautiful symbol of Nordic heritage, rich in meaning. These three interlocking triangles are said to represent strength and safety in life’s journey. It also represents personal growth in Viking history.

They are often seen as a representation of Odin’s three aspects: wisdom, strength, and protection. This also encapsulates the Viking belief in challenging assumptions and seeking the truth in all its forms. The bond between these triangles is also seen as a representation of love and a champion of the community. 

The Viking Compass

A Norse necklace with the Viking Compass is symbolic of traditional Norse exploration and historical discovery. This spiritual item is believed to help guide a person in the right direction in their endeavors, while also symbolizing courage, faith, and luck in times of uncertainty and change. It is also seen on Viking rings.

It is believed that the Viking Compass was used by Norse people to find their way in treacherous seas and during long journeys. It is also thought to bring protection to those who wear it and symbolizes strength in the face of adversity. 

Hammer Necklace

The Norse Hammer necklace is a popular piece of jewelry, both historically and in modern times. It is a symbol of strength, protection, power, and honor. It is believed that the hammer represented Thor, the Norse god of thunder and fertility, and wearing it was a sign of reverence and protection against supernatural forces and bad luck.

One of the most popular pieces of jewelry connected to Norse mythology is the Mjölnir or hammer pendant, a representation of the mythical hammer of Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. Check out this Viking jewelry collection to know more about Viking symbols in jewelry.

Choose the Right Norse Necklace for You

The history of the Norse necklace has shown us the importance of symbolism and meaning within these unique pieces. These necklaces can be used as talismans that can remind us of what we individually see as important. This Viking jewelry can help you understand the rich Viking history and culture.

Each of us can find our meaning and symbolism in such beautiful pieces of jewelry. Try one for yourself and start a meaningful journey with a Norse necklace! If you want to read more articles, go to our blog.

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