From Mid-Century to Scandi: Exploring the Diverse Styles of Modern Decor


Modern decor styles are getting more attention from homeowners who want to create a stylish yet comfortable living space. From Mid-Century to Scandi styles, there are various ways to implement modern interior design into your home. One key element of modern decor is finding the perfect coffee table that can serve as both functional and aesthetic. 

The Mid-Century Style

The mid-century modern style was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s, characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and warm wood tones.

If you’re looking to create a Mid-Century inspired space, consider a coffee table that features tapered legs, organic shapes, and a bold color like red or orange. Manufacturers like Joybird and West Elm offer a vast selection of mid-century modern coffee tables manufacturer to choose from.

The Industrial Style

The industrial style is inspired by warehouse and factory design features. This style is characterized by bold metal finishes, rough textures and unfinished surfaces, like distressed or reclaimed wood.

A coffee table with an iron base and a wooden top finish would be perfect for an industrial inspired room. Wayfair and Anthropologie offer a large selection of industrial-style coffee tables with unique designs that are both functional and stylish.

The Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian-style is known for its minimalist approach, natural materials, and clean lines. This style often features light-colored woods like light oak or ash. A simple white coffee table with tapered legs would be perfect for exploring this design style.

Coffee table manufacturers like Muuto and HAY provide a broad range of Scandinavian-style coffee tables with various shapes and sizes, featuring smooth finishes that are pleasing to the eye and touch.

The Boho Style

Boho style is inspired by eclectic design that incorporates layers of patterns, textures, and colors. A boho-inspired space typically features bright, bold colors, natural and organic materials, and an assortment of decor items.

A coffee table with natural materials like rattan or bamboo would be great for a boho-style element. Visit Pier 1 and Anthropologie to explore coffee table manufacturers offering boho-inspired options with fun elements that add character to any space.

The Rustic Style

The rustic style is characterized by rough or unfinished wood, distressed finishes, and a warm, natural color palette. A coffee table with a distressed wood finish or X-shaped legs is perfect for creating that rustic vibe.

Manufacturers like Ashley Furniture and Crate & Barrel have an extensive catalog of rustic-inspired coffee tables with unique designs that meet any taste.


Finding the perfect coffee table is an essential element of modern decor, as it provides a balance of style and functionality. When searching for coffee table manufacturers, it’s crucial to consider the style you’re aiming for and match it with the available options.

Mid-Century, industrial, Scandinavian, boho, and rustic styles are some of the most popular trends in modern decor. Each of these styles offers different elements that can bring personality to your space. Start exploring these styles today and discover the perfect coffee table manufacturer that suits your unique taste and interior design style.

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