Most Common Truck Accident Injuries


Trucks can be one of the most devastating vehicles when it comes to accidents. Because trucks are so large and heavy, they can cause damage when an accident happens.

Unfortunately, over 500,000 accidents per year in the United States involve trucks.

What type of truck accident injuries can you get? This guide breaks it down.


One minor injury that is pretty common in these types of accidents is having cuts and scars on your body. This can happen if your vehicle receives enough of an impact during an accident.

It can result in parts of your vehicle breaking and glass shattering. As a result, it has nowhere to go but to parts of your body that are exposed.

While these tend not to be the most serious injuries, the scars can be visible for years depending on how deep the wound is.

Head Injuries

One injury that you need to look out for in these types of accidents is anything that involves your head. The reason why is that the symptoms for these types of injuries are not always obvious.

Someone could walk out of a truck accident and seem perfectly ok. In reality, they may have suffered a concussion. Even worse, there may be a permanent brain injury if there is a serious crash.

Look for any marks on someone’s head after a truck accident and see if they are responding normally to simple questions. If you are not sure if they have a brain injury, take them to a hospital just to be safe.

If something more serious develops from this, you may need to speak to a Phoenix truck accident attorney for possible compensation.

Neck Injuries

Another common injury in a truck accident is a neck injury. This can happen because of the sudden forces that your body is exposed to because of an accident.

So, if your body is impacted the wrong way, that can lead to a vulnerable part of your body getting exposed to the crash such as your neck.

Arms and Legs

Depending on how someone drives a car, it can potentially leave their arms or legs exposed in the event of an accident. Sometimes, people have their arms or legs more spaced out compared to the rest of their body. This is especially the case if someone is driving for a long time and wants to stretch their body a little bit.

When an accident happens, this can lead to bones breaking in your arms or legs because of that exposure.

Learn More About Truck Accident Injuries

These are some of the most common truck accident injuries you need to be aware of. If you are in a truck accident, you are most likely to have a couple of scars if it impacts your vehicle enough.

You could also hurt your arms, your legs, your neck, and even your head. For more information on this topic, browse around our lifestyle and fashion section.

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