Is Your Outfit on Par?: A Guide to Casual Golf Attire for Ladies


Don’t worry about your outfit for a casual afternoon of golf with friends. You don’t have to be dressed in your best golfing attire. This can give you more freedom to be comfortable out on the course.

Not sure you need golf clubs, balls, or tees? Or how to dress in casual golf attire?

Follow these tips for casual golf attire for ladies, and you won’t go wrong.

Golf Dress Code for Women in Municipal Golf Course

The golf dress code for women in municipal golf courses usually requires modest golf attire. It should not draw attention or disrupt the game. Women should wear appropriate clothing for golf, such as

  • womens golf shirts (collared)
  • golf shorts or long pants
  • skirts
  • sweaters

The womens golf shirts should be tucked into waistbands. Ideally, they should feature muted colors or simple patterns. Denim, cut-offs, leggings, and tank tops are prohibited.

Athletic or comfortable shoes such as sneakers are fine, but sandals, open-toed or heeled shoes, or other fashionable footwear are not allowed.

Women are also encouraged to wear visors or hats to protect themselves from the sun. Generally speaking, it is always best to demonstrate respect for the game and to abide by the dress code so that your attire is appropriate for the golf course and the club.

Golf Dress Code for Women in Public Golf Courses

The golf dress code for women in public golf courses encourages female golfers to dress in an appropriate and tasteful manner. Women should wear shirts with sleeves and collars, such as:

  • mock turtle neck
  • polo
  • long-sleeved shirts
  • turtleneck shirts

Sleeveless shirts or shirts with spaghetti straps should not be worn. Additionally, women should wear the following:

  • mid-length or longer golf skirts
  • shorts
  • culottes
  • skorts
  • trousers made of textured or knit fabric

Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, cut-off shorts, jeans, gym shorts, and sweatsuits are not allowed. Although styles may change, broadly accepted good etiquette necessitates that women’s clothing should be tailored, neat, and conservative in style and color.

Caps and visors should not have offensive writing, and shirts should not have any slogans that intrude into public decency.

Golf Dress Code for Women in Private Golf Courses

Golf etiquette for women dictates that the appropriate attire for private golf courses should promote a respectful, pleasant, and professional atmosphere. Golf attire should be modest, neat, and tailored to promote a conservative but attractive image. Women should wear golf clothing specifically designed for the game, such as:

  • collared shirts
  • slacks
  • tailored shorts
  • sleeveless shirt
  • golf skirts that extend slightly below the knee

Hats should be golf-style or baseball caps with logos acceptable. Denim is generally considered too casual for most private golf courses, except for special occasions, and should be avoided.

Shoes must be golf shoes with flat rubber spikes. Other footwear, such as sandals and open-toed shoes, are not acceptable. Other dress code rules may be applicable, so it is always best to check with the private golf course directly regarding their specific guidelines.

What Golf Tops Are Available for Women?

The desired golf etiquette is casual but neat and comfortable clothing for both leisure and competition play. Women typically opt for lightweight, breathable items such as:

  • collared shirts
  • lightweight sweaters
  • polo shirts
  • short or long sleeve golf tops
  • skorts or skirts

Women can also find a wide variety of golf tops on the market that are tailored specifically to female golfers. These tops can accommodate women’s curves and provide a greater range of motion while providing sun protection and breathability.

Women’s golf tops come in a variety of styles from sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve to mock-neck. They come in solid, striped, and printed designs, plus a range of colors, fabrics, and cuts to match any style.

What Golf Bottoms Are Available for Women?

The clothing can be tailored so that it looks fashionable while still conforming to the dress code. Golf bottoms designed for women can include:

  • skirts
  • skorts
  • shorts
  • capri pants
  • tailored golf pants

All bottoms for women should fit snugly and cover at least most of the knee. Most of the clothing should be made of a lightweight, breathable material such as:

  • cotton
  • polyester
  • linen

These materials will help the wearer stay comfortable and cool during their round of golf. Women should avoid wearing clothing with any logos, stripes, or patterns and should dress appropriately for the weather.

Finally, it is always important to wear clean, fresh clothing and golf shoes that are comfortable and supportive.

What Golf Shoes Are Available for Women?

Golf shoes are a must for good traction and support, and while soft spikes are most common, some courses may require metal spikes. What golf shoes are available for women mainly depends on their needs. There are a variety of styles available, such as:

  • low-profile golf shoes
  • spikeless golf shoes
  • golf sandals
  • golf boots

There are even some waterproof options. For those colder days, there are a variety of lightweight jackets that are easily packable, as well as versatile layering pieces.

What Golf Headwear Are Available for Women?

Golf headwear for women comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Many brands carry women’s specific golf hats that not only provide necessary sun protection from the elements but also offer a stylish look.

With today’s fashion-forward apparel, golf hats come in a variety of colors, designs, fabrications, and styles that both complement and flatter a woman’s look and game. Hats are designed with features that include:

  • moisture-wicking interior linings
  • adjustable sizing straps
  • ventilation panels that help to keep the head cool and dry

Hats can be integrated with adjacent apparel pieces to create a complete and comfortable golfing look for any woman. There are

These make it easy for every woman to find a headwear piece that she enjoys.

The Best Tips for Casual Golf Attire for Ladies

Your golf attire should be comfortable and allow you to easily move around. Your wardrobe should also be weather-appropriate. Choose a stylish and professional outfit that will make you look fashionable yet remain appropriate for the course.

Remember, your golfing success starts with the right outfit. Take advantage of our helpful guide to casual golf attire for ladies and choose a trendy, classy outfit that will help you ace your game!

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