Essential Surf Gear Every Beginner Should Consider


Surfing is a thrilling sport. There’s nothing like catching a big wave, even if it means one’s going to wipe out. There’s a reason why this sport is so popular and continues to grow.

Surfing is one of the water sports that even a novice can try out. You can try it out, but you need to have the right surf gear.

Read on to learn about the essential surf gear that you must have before hitting the waves.


The one essential surfing equipment you’ll need is a surfboard. As a beginner, you should consider buying a bigger surfboard. An 8′ or 9′ would be ideal.

Buy one that’s buoyant enough to give you balance and stability. For rookies like you, it’s best to forgo traditional fiberglass boards. You should opt for a soft top board.

As you gain more confidence, you can switch to a smaller surfboard. For now, stick with a larger one that allows you to better navigate the waves.

Surf Leash

New surfers have to learn how to bail from the board. While you learn how to achieve this, you don’t want to lose your board. Buy a surf leash so you can attach it to your board.

This is a cord that you’ll attach to your ankle, so it won’t get in the way. These leashes come in different sizes and thicknesses, but there’s a general rule you should follow.

Buy a leash that’s the same or slightly longer than your board. Buy one that has a swivel at both ends, as this helps to reduce the chances of the leash getting caught in your toes.

Invest in quality, as you don’t want to buy one that snaps in the surf. You don’t want your money to wash away in the ocean.

Surf Wax

Surf wax is also part of the surfer essentials. This sticky substance helps surfers to stay on top of the board.

Apply it to the deck so it gives your board ample grip. When that big wave hits, you’ll want to have enough wax on your board to be able to balance atop it.


If you’re planning to have a long beach day, you’ll want to apply sunscreen. Target the areas that aren’t covered by your wetsuit. Keep in mind that sunscreen is essential as it helps to protect your skin.


Every beginner needs the perfect wetsuit. You’ll need this surf gear to keep you warm and protect your body from the elements.

Not all wetsuits are equal. It’s all about finding the one that has high-quality seams and the right level of thickness.

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Get all the Right Surf Gear

This surfing for beginner’s guide outlines all the surf gear you need to buy. These are the essentials that every new surfer must have. You’ll soon find yourself sharing a party wave with other surfers and doing aerials.

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