Increase Classroom Engagement: Tips On Teaching Math to Middle Schoolers


Are you a middle school math teacher?

Not only is Math essential for daily living, but classroom participation is crucial at this age. Middle schoolers are beginning to decide whether to pursue a career in the sciences or humanities. Because of this, engaging your students in their math lessons can be a great decision.

Not sure how to engage your students? Don’t worry– we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on teaching math to middle schoolers to get your classroom lessons going.

Simplify the Topics

The challenge in teaching math to younger kids is figuring out ways to explain the problems without making it sound too complicated. So, the first tip is to simplify your topics!

The simpler the concept seems, the easier it will be for your students to grasp every lesson. Moreover, it allows them to apply what they learned with less confusion.

Focus on Clarity

Next to breaking down the topics, you want to explain them to your students clearly and concisely. When you use specific terms, stick to them even when you discuss different lessons.

It’s good to develop a way to explain and address parts of the lesson so they can easily remember. Note that it causes less confusion to introduce them to the correct concepts early.

Make Sense of Problems

Middle school math is an introduction to more complex problem-solving equations. For some students, it’s a big leap compared to the previous topics. As a result, they feel intimidated and participate less in class.

One way around it is by making sense of the problems, no matter how complicated it seems. This way, your students won’t think it’s difficult while learning to simplify it themselves.

Use Visuals

Online learning lets teachers maximize the use of different media. It could be videos, infographics, or games. Through these, students can engage themselves more in class.

Even so, you can apply the same idea when you provide lectures in a classroom. Consider teaching math with the help of physical or mental images that your students are familiar with. It lets them go wild with their imagination while focusing on the concepts you explain.

Keep It Interactive

Whether teaching math online or in person, you want to keep your discussions as interactive as possible. You can do so by creating unique activities that require your students to think and move at the same time.

Through this, students can feel like they’re participating in class without much weight on their shoulders.

Acknowledge All Efforts

You want to make your students know you acknowledge their effort. A few ways to do so include praising and clapping for them in the classroom and sending them positive reactions during online teaching sessions.

The more they feel appreciated, the more motivated they will be to understand the concepts better.

Promote Asking Questions

Math can be very confusing if you get the wrong idea about it. So, you want to let your students know you’re available to promote questions.

This will let them know that you want to help them improve their skill. It also allows you to connect with your students, encouraging them to interact during lectures later.

Create an Engaging Class When Teaching Math to Middle Schoolers

Teaching Math to middle schoolers can be challenging if you fail to get your students to engage in class. So, focus on interaction while making the topics easier to grasp. It gives them the boost they need and improves your impact.

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