Howie Mandel’s Mystery Illness That Got AGT Fans Talking


Howie Mandel Health Update: “I’m feeling 1000 per cent better. I’m so thrilled to be here.”

You may miss someone if you are a top fan of America’s Got Talent. Many fans are asking where Howie Mandel is. His sudden disappearance from the show has fans asking questions since last year.

Many fans started asking questions when Howie Mandel refused to appear on the show. Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell showed up on the panel in July.

Host Terry Crews explained to the audience that Howie Mandel had been unwell and would return to the chair when he was ready. “Howie is not here today. We wish him the best and hope he gets well soon and returns to that chair,” said Host Terry Crews.

Meanwhile, some fans took it Twitter to question his absence and why he wasn’t on the episode – which aired months ago. Howie Mandel revealed he had unfortunately contracted COVID-19 at the time.

Howie Mandel Health Update

Later Howie gave an update on his health, saying: “I’m feeling 1000 per cent better. I’m so thrilled to be here.” Fans also shared their glee over his return, with one posting on Twitter: “Great to have you back on AGT.” To which Howie replied: “I know.”

Another wrote: “I missed @AGT this week, so I’m watching it now. This is just a @howiemandel appreciation tweet. Glad you’re back!” Howie responded: “I’m glad to be back.”

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