5 Common Disney Trip Mistakes for Beginners and How to Avoid Them


With over 20 million visitors every year, Disney is one of the most anticipated tourist destinations of all time.

However, due to the sheer scale of Disney parks, it’s easy to make mistakes during your first time. Spending too much or not finding a place to eat can disillusion you with the magic. Your trip to Disney should be a happy memory you can cherish forever.

That’s why we’ve created this list of Disney trip mistakes for beginners to avoid. Read on to discover more and plan the perfect Disney trip today.

1. Planning Too Many Things or Not Enough

Having a Disney trip schedule is essential if you want to make the most of your magical vacation. However, keep in mind that planning a trip requires balance, not too much or too little.

If you over-plan, you might miss out on character interactions and other things that make the trip worthwhile. It can also be exhausting to adhere to a strict schedule. Remember, you’re supposed to be on vacation!

If you under plan, you might lose momentum and leave the park unfulfilled. It’s best to have a skeleton of your trip schedule and leave enough room for surprises.

2. Choosing Fashion Over Comfort

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good in your vacation pictures, but being uncomfortable can ruin what’s intended to be a fun day. Disney theme parks are huge, and you’ll likely need to do a ton of walking between attractions. Choose your most comfortable pair of shoes and some moisture-wicking socks.

It also helps to consider the weather when planning a trip. Wear light and breathable clothing, and bring a light jacket in case it gets chilly.

3. Not Making Reservations

Don’t wait until the day of your vacation to decide what and where you will eat. It’s best to make dining reservations at Disney if you plan on eating inside the park.

The same goes for theme parks that have limited capacity. After buying tickets, check if your desired theme park has reservations available. Book them as soon as you get your tickets to avoid long lines and maximize your time at the park.

4. Limiting Yourself to Disney Theme Parks

The theme parks are the main event of any Disney trip, but they don’t have to comprise the entirety of it. Your vacation can get even more hectic if you’re traveling with kids. Too much excitement all at the same time is the perfect recipe for a nasty tantrum.

Make time for you and your family to decompress. You can opt to go to the parks during the early morning and then head back when the sun hits its peak. You can take this time to relax by the pool or nap, then return to the parks during the evening.

5. Missing Out on Free Activities and Discounts

Disney resorts offer various free activities for guests of all ages. Don’t forget to check with the front desk for complimentary programs or activities on your first day.

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Summary: 5 Common Disney Trip Mistakes for Beginners

Now you know what Disney trip mistakes for beginners to avoid. With these tips, you’ll be set for a more magical experience.

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