BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix  


BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix is a cutting-edge solution in the realm of bone grafts. Designed to be both bioactive and osteoconductive, this matrix actively promotes bone tissue regeneration and healing. Through hydration, users have the flexibility to utilize it as a strip or mold it into a putty, ensuring a tailored approach for various bone defects.

What Is a Bone Graft? 

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting bone tissue. The goal is to fix bones that are damaged from fractures or to replace bone that is missing, often due to trauma, disease, or surgical removal.

Grafted materials can be sourced from the patient’s own body (autograft), from a donor (allograft), or synthesized from bioactive materials, which provide a scaffold for new bone to grow on.

Applications for BiFORM®

BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix finds its application in a range of orthopedic and dental procedures. Its unique composition—comprising 50% Carbonate Apatite anorganic bone mineral, 30% 45S5 Bioactive Glass, and 20% Type I Collagen—ensures an optimal environment for bone regeneration.

Whether it’s for spinal fusion, dental implant procedures, or addressing bone defects from trauma or disease, BiFORM® offers versatility in handling, from maintaining its strip form to molding into specific shapes, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Key Features of BiFORM®

BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix is an epitome of innovation in bone graft solutions, boasting a set of distinguished features. The matrix is designed to be bioactive and osteoconductive, actively facilitating bone tissue regeneration.

Its versatile nature allows for hydration, enabling users to employ it as a strip or mold it into a putty to precisely fit different bone defects. One of its core strengths is its composition, which combines 50% Carbonate Apatite anorganic bone mineral, 30% 45S5 Bioactive Glass, and 20% Type I Collagen.

This unique blend ensures a uniform distribution of bioactive materials, ensuring the best possible environment for bone growth and healing.

Healing Potential in Bone Graft Technology

The evolution of bone graft technology has centered around enhancing the healing potential for patients. BiFORM® stands as a testament to this advancement. Its bioactive properties stimulate the body’s natural bone healing processes, while its osteoconductive nature provides an effective scaffold, guiding the growth of new bone tissue.

The inclusion of 45S5 Bioactive Glass in its composition further promotes rapid bone regeneration and integration. The adaptability of BiFORM® ensures it can be tailored to the unique contours of each bone defect, ensuring a more natural fit and, consequently, more efficient healing.

The matrix’s design, coupled with the advanced materials used, positions BiFORM® as a beacon of healing potential in contemporary bone graft technology.

About Sanara Medtech

Sanara Medtech, the innovative company behind BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix, is at the forefront of medical technology solutions. Dedicated to developing, marketing, and distributing evidence-based, cutting-edge wound and skincare products, Sanara aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Their commitment to research and development has led to the creation of products like BiFORM®, which showcases their drive for excellence and the depth of their expertise in addressing medical needs. Through collaborations, rigorous testing, and adherence to high standards, Sanara Medtech continually sets the bar high in the realm of medical solutions.


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