10 Impacts of Hourglass Peyronie’s Disease


10 Impacts of Hourglass Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease can be an incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing condition that can have wide-ranging impacts on your health, well-being, and quality of life. It’s important to be aware of some of the possible effects this disorder may have on you so that you can make the best decisions about how to proceed with managing your symptoms. Here are 10 possible impacts that hourglass Peyronie’s disease may have on you or your loved ones.

1) Physical

It is not uncommon for a man with hourglass Peyronies disease to be in constant pain. It is also common for him to feel excruciating pain during erections. The skin is usually discolored and scarred from surgeries, and there may be some numbness in certain areas as well. Men with hourglass Peyronies disease are also at risk for penile curvature, which can cause extreme difficulty when trying to achieve orgasm.

2) Psychological

The psychological effects of Peyronie’s disease can vary from person to person. Some men worry about how their condition will affect their sex life and self-confidence, while others feel anxious and depressed as they await treatment.

3) Societal

In an effort to control their embarrassment, these men may isolate themselves from society and others; unfortunately, isolation only worsens their problems.

4) Emotional

Common emotional impacts associated with hourglass Peyronies disease include feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, and betrayal. Men may experience anger, sadness, loneliness, and depression due to a change in their love life. The stress that comes along with coping with a change in sexuality can be enough to make someone feel hopeless or suicidal. Some men even resort to divorce as they often do not know how to explain their situation to their partner or how it will affect her/their sex life.

5) Sexual

When you have a case of Peyronie’s disease, sexual intercourse becomes extremely difficult. Men with hourglass Peyronie’s disease typically find that their erections are curved and less rigid than usual. Even if you are able to get an erection, it may not be possible for your partner to experience satisfaction from penetration. In some cases, men with hourglass peyronie’s disease avoid sex completely due to concerns over safety or performance issues.

6) Financial

When a man experiences hourglass Peyronies disease, it can have a devastating effect on his self-confidence. Few people understand how to treat hourglass Peyronies disease, and even less know how to prevent it. The psychological effects can be as severe as long periods of unemployment or underemployment, which in turn results in financial stress and difficulty paying bills.

7) Relationships and Family Life

Relationships and family life can be severely impacted by hourglass peyronie’s disease, especially in cases where you are unable to have intercourse with your partner. Husbands and boyfriends may feel emasculated by their inability to perform. In relationships where male partners were diagnosed before their wedding day, some couples choose not to marry at all.

8) Employment Opportunities

Many men fear that they’ll be unable to perform in bed and might end up losing their jobs because of it. In fact, many employers have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and would terminate an employee who tested positive for an illegal substance at work. Unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee privacy at work—even with some semblance of discretion, if you have hourglass peyronies disease, there’s a very real chance that your boss will find out about it somehow.

9) Quality of Life and Patient Happiness

Patients who suffer from Peyronie’s disease tend to be less satisfied with their quality of life than those who don’t have it. Of course, in most cases, patients and partners aren’t sure what has caused erectile dysfunction; however, with an hourglass deformity or scarring on their penis, there is usually no need for a doctor to explain why a person has developed erectile it.

10) Long-Term Outlook

Unfortunately, there is no cure for PE and in cases that are more severe, surgery may be needed to restore erectile function. This means that throughout your lifetime you will have to deal with pain on a consistent basis. If you develop scar tissue around your penis, you may have further complications including loss of sensation during sex and loss of ability to maintain an erection. Fortunately, for most men with hourglass disease there is still hope if caught early enough.

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