Who Is Fernanda Luísa Gordon? Everything You Need To Know About Her


Fernanda Luisa Gordon is known as the daughter of veteran Puerto Rican actress and singer Rita Moreno. She has always maintained that her mum influenced her greatly into acting although it’s not something she does full time. This article is going to focus on Fernanda Luísa Gordon, her early life, career, personal life, and physical appearance.

Full Name: Fernanda Luisa Gordon
Date of birth: 22nd September 1967
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Children: Justin Gordon fisher and Cameron David fisher
Parents: Rita Moreno and Leonard Gordon
Husband: David Tyler fisher
Occupation: Actress, graphic designer, and jewel designer
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 60 kg
Color of the eye: Black
Color of the hair: Brown

Early Life Of Fernanda Luísa Gordon

Born to a cardiologist father and an actress mother in 1967 in a town in California, Fernanda is the only child of her parents. She had her basic education and tertiary in California. A bachelor’s degree holder from Tufts University and also a master’s in fine arts from the university of southern Carolina.


Following in her mum’s footsteps Fernanda made her first cast in the season movie “Mr. rogers neighborhood” alongside her mum. She turn appeared in “an inconvenient woman” in 1991 a movie that shot her to great stardom.

Aside from her acting skills, she’s also a freelance graphic designer and jewelry designer. As someone who is so fond of the mother, Fernanda usually accompanies her to events and award ceremonies.

She was with her mum recently at the 93rd Oscar ceremony awards where she heaped a lot of praises on her as an amazing mother and how proud she is to be her daughter.


Fernanda has been married to David Tyler fisher since 1996 and are blessed with two kids which Rita really adores them. David Tyler a graduate of South Carolina university currently works as a telecommunications manager at Anderson consultancy.


Leonardo was a cardiologist in the health sector who later became her wife’s manager. A graduate of Amherst College Leo is also a Ph.D. holder which he used to lecture at Brooklyn College before being made the director of southern Asia institute. He passed at the age of 90 in 2010.


Rita Moreno is a veteran Puerto Rican-born actress, singer, and dancer who has an active career spanning over seven decades. She has played almost every role and is one of the few actresses who has won the Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys.

She was also awarded the presidential award of freedom by ex-president George bush for her enormous contribution to the entertainment industry. She actually started off as a dancer before including acting and singing. She once revealed she was molested by her agent in her early days.

She has since then starred in over 100 movies and series. Her singing and dancing talent has also seen her play big gigs for prominent people and also toured around the world. She revealed in her memoir that she once had an abortion which saw her nearly losing her life hadn’t been the timely intervention of doctors.

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