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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Bike?


There are currently about 580 million bikes around the globe, which means 42% of households have at least one. The prices vary greatly for different bike brands and types of bikes, but there are options for every budget.

Choosing the best time to buy a bicycle is one way to get the most for your money. If you’re considering buying a bike soon, the following guide can help you time your purchase.

Read on to discover the best time to buy a bike and other key features to consider.

Best Time to Buy a Bike

Bike prices tend to stay pretty consistent throughout the year, but you might be able to find better deals during the fall. That’s when bike shops usually try to offset their inventory for the year and clear room for new products.

Large bike shops might run Black Friday deals and have special sales around Christmas. Some even have spring sales around easter, but those are less common.

The size of the deals largely depends on how many sales a particular bike shop made throughout the year. If a shop sells specialty bikes like road bikes or mountain bikes, they’ll likely run sales when race event season has ended.

If nothing else, just remember to avoid buying bikes during the summer and spring when the demand is high. Warm weather means comfortable rides and lots of buyers!

Note that some e-bikes have features made for snowy terrains, so their prices might not come down in the winter. You can visit https://tstwheels.com/ for examples of different e-bikes.

Overstock Options

You can usually save quite a bit of money if you buy from a shop’s overstock selection. However, it requires flexibility on you’re part and this buying method works better if you don’t have a specific bike in mind.

For example, you can save money if you buy a previous year’s model of a bike instead of the latest and greatest model. Shops usually offer big discounts on older models to make room for newer models.

Avoiding Women’s Models

If you’re looking for a women’s bike, you might notice a much higher price tag than men’s bikes. Remember that you can often find a similar bike of the same exact size in a men’s model.

You might have to swap out the arm cranks and stem but even then, you’ll save hundreds of dollars. With that being said, go with your gut and spend a little extra if you have your heart set on a specific women’s model.

Online Bike Shopping

Buying a bike online can help you save money and it’s also easy to compare the prices of different online shops. Although, you must know a thing or two about bikes beforehand because you won’t have anyone to answer your questions.

Make sure you’re familiar with the brand you’re looking at and make sure you know the exact size you need. Some sites offer live chats to mimic the advice you’d get from going into a store, but that’s not always a guarantee.

Keep in mind that returns tend to be more difficult for online bike purchases compared to in-store purchases. Most physical shops offer free tune-ups and other perks that you can’t get online.

If you’re not concerned with any of the drawbacks mentioned and a low price is your priority, definitely go with an online bike shop.

Used Bikes

You can save a lot of money buying a used bike at a garage sale or on an online platform like eBay. However, you can’t guarantee that the previous owner is being completely honest about the bike’s condition and history.

If you find a used bike with a price too good to be true, you might run the risk of buying a stolen bike. Stick to online platforms that use a seller rating system to help buy legitimate products.

Some online shops and in-person shops offer used bikes that have undergone professional inspections. They usually offer a return option for up to 30 days as well. Their prices might be higher than eBay or Craigslist, but you’ll have more peace of mind.

Try to look for shops that sell used “demo” bikes for a good deal. They usually come with a warranty and a much lower price tag than brand-new options.

Other Factors to Consider

Before you buy a bike, ask yourself where you plan to ride and how you plan to use the bike. For example, if you want to use it for your daily commute rather than as a weekend hobby, the model you choose might change quite a lot.

Different bike sizes fit different people, so know which size you need before you open your wallet. Also, decide what material you want for the frame such as aluminum, titanium, steel, or carbon.

Most importantly, figure out what your budget for a bike is and buy towards the top of that budget for the best quality. If you’re completely new to biking, you might be tempted to go as cheap as possible but that could ruin the experience.

You probably won’t find a lot of quality or comfort if you select a bike purely based on how cheap it is. Not to mention, cheap bikes don’t last as long, so you might end up spending more money on a replacement in the long run anyway.

Getting the Best Bike for the Price

Now you know that fall is usually the best time to buy a bike. You also have other ways to score a deal such as used and overstock options. Just remember to find a good balance between quality and price when you buy your new bicycle!

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