Top 5 Beard Styles Modern Men Love To Show Off


Are you growing a beard but don’t know how to style it? Since the early 2000s, beards have made a spectacular comeback. But in recent years, the way to style them has been up in the air!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Check out this guide to the 5 best beard styles modern men like you can show off. Whether you’re a hipster, a lumbersexual, or the newest ultra-masculine man next door, you’re sure to find a beard look that’s up your alley here!

1. Classic Full Beard for a Timeless Look

A classic full beard is achieved by growing it out to a certain length where the strands join up to give it that fuller look. And then using a trimmer to keep the line of the jaw and cheeks neat and even.

A perfect classic full beard should have sides that take a bit of a curved shape towards the chin to give it a bit of definition. For this look, beard maintenance is key, as frequent trims, styling with a wooden beard comb, and facial hair conditioning will help keep this look looking sharp and soft.

2. Chinstrap Making a Comeback

This style frames the jawline with a precise line of facial hair that connects from sideburn to sideburn. The ability to grow a full beard or just enhance certain areas makes chinstraps a popular look.

This style can be varied from a stubble style to a full beard, adding an extra element of masculinity to the look. With its low maintenance needs, it’s an ideal style for today’s modern man who is looking for a look that is strong yet hip.

3. ‘Stach-tache for The Rough & Rugged

The ‘stache-tache consists of a thick, full mustache as the main feature of this look, with a thin, slightly longer beard that connects the ‘stache with the sideburns. The facial hair should be kept trimmed and slightly longer than the face to give a more effortless appearance. This style is ideal for any face shape except for men with a longer face, as it can emphasize the length.

4. Chin Curtain for a Refined Touch

This style consists of showcasing a full beard extending from one cheek to the other, covering the full chin area till the heart shape. The beard then tapers off gradually through the jawline and into a point to give a perfectly refined look.

With the chin curtain, you can keep a tidy look as the cheek and neck areas remain cleanly shaved. It looks best when balanced with other facial hair, like a classic mustache or an admiral beard.

5. Goatee for a Popular Favorite

Characterized by a small patch of facial hair framing the chin, it’s a simple style that is hip and trendy. It’s also quite versatile, given that many variations of the Goatee can be tailored to different face shapes.

Some variations include the Soul Patch, which attaches the goatee to the mustache, and the Van Dyke, which is a combination of goatee and mustache. This is a go-to for many men and its variations allow for a variety of options to try.

Try These Beard Styles Modern Men Love To Show Off Today

Beards can be the perfect way to make a style statement! Modern men have plenty of options when it comes to facial hair styles, from full beards to goatees. Try experimenting with these different beard styles modern men love to show off to find the perfect one for you.

Have fun showcasing your newly groomed style!

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