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“Tithing is a sinful practice that carries a curse for Christians” – Daddy Freeze claims


Nigerian media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, who is notorious for condemning the payment of tithe by Christians, has said that it is a “sinful practice that carries a curse” for the believers.

Tithing has been a controversial issue globally, with even senior men of God and Bible scholars holding divided views on its relevance in modern-day Christianity.

Daddy Freeze belongs to the school of thought that opposes tithing by Christians as they deem it a perpetual rip-off of poor worshippers to enrich their already affluent pastors.

His latest comment on the lingering controversial subject matter was in reaction to Pastor Mike Murdoch’s sermon of the tithe being a forever seed with a harvest that never ends.

Daddy Freeze, who disagreed with the pastor’s message to his followers, shared a snapshot of Murdock’s statement on Instagram and criticized it.
According to the socio-religious commentator, “there is no scriptural record of non-Jewish Christians paying tithes”.

He lamented how some pastors have deliberately turned their backs on the truth to exploit their ‘ignorant’ followers for their shallow financial gains during the last wallow in abject poverty.

Citing 1 Timothy 6:5, he referred to pastors who are proponents of tithing as false preachers whose primary objective is to get rich at the expense of their followers.

“Of course, the harvest for teachers like these is forever. Them go dey milk Una dey go. What a joke!

“Tithing is a sinful practice that carries a curse for Christians. Furthermore, there is no scriptural record of Non-Jewish Christians paying tithes.


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