Launching Out Into The Deep For Greatness


In today’s Bible studies, we will focus on Jesus’ encounter with Simon Peter by the lake of Gennesaret. I trust you know the story already, but I would like to paraphrase it in short.

As part of Jesus ministry on earth, through teaching, healing and working of miracles and wonders. Jesus came to the sea of Gennesaret and noticed two boats standing by the lake without any fisherman in it. The fishermen were out somewhere washing their nets.

He stepped into the boat that belongs to Simon and asked him to launch his net from the shore.

Launching Out Into The Deep

No one can swim adequately in shallow water or a pool. Again, there is no good thing in shallow water, and that’s why Jesus told Peter to launch out his net into the deep. It is assumed Peter was trying to catch fish in shallow water.

Let’s paraphrase what the scripture says:

Luke 5:4-6

4) “When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” 5) But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless, at Your word, I will let down the net.” 6) And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking”

This is a familiar story you probably have read over and over again. There is a crucial truth to learn in this story – the command to launch into the deep.

This was the command Jesus gave the disciples after a conversation with them. Peter almost declined but remembered who was speaking.

It immediately dawned on him he was standing in front of the Creator of the universe. He was listening to the One who commanded the storm, and it became still.

Peter put aside all his experiences as a fisherman and obeyed the young Galilean, who everyone knew had no experience with rowing canoes on the high seas. He followed Jesus, and they launched out into the deep, and we all know the results.

Key Concept when Launching Out Into the Deep

launching out into the deep

Do not judge by appearance.

It is vital to understand when someone asks you to do something. Today, several people are telling people what they should and should not do.

You must evaluate the person telling you what to do to make sure they have credible credentials before taking a step to obey.

A Deep relationship brings great things.

Jesus asked them to launch out into the deep. That was where the big fishes were. If your relationship with God is a shallow one, it is like staying at the beach with your feet or ankles in the water. When you have a deep relationship with Jesus, you enjoy the full blessings of the Christian life. Examine your devotional life again.

Do not let the fear of the deep limit your potential

Never let the storms of life frighten your ability to fly. The eagle always takes advantage of the current the storms bring to fly to an altitude it hasn’t reached before. Be on the lookout for good things in messy and disorganise things.

You see this beautiful world; when it was first created? The Bible says it was void and formless.

Launching out into the deep means you’re not confident whether you will win or lose. Most Christians today are afraid of launching out into the deep and are waiting for mana to fall from heaven.

Every good thing demands a sacrifice, and launching out into the deep is part of it. Kill your fears and face the obstacles in life; remember, there is glorification after a tribulation.


Thank you, God, for giving me a blanket invitation to come to You at any time. I pray that Lord, give me the strength and the right motive to launch into the deep for more incredible things. In Jesus’ name.


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