Who Are Garcelle Beauvais Kids? Everything You Need To Know


I would like to introduce Garcelle Beauvais Kids to you today. We may know Garcelle as a legendary actress and television host but much isn’t known about her kids, how many they are, whether they are of the same father, and what the currently doing. Follow me as I feature Garcelle Beauvais Kids on this page.

Who Is Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais is an American based Haitian actress and television personality host best known for her movie coming to America which she starred alongside the legendary Eddie murphy. A polyglot who is very fluent in English, French, and creole, she first began her profession as a model and she was featured in a lot of notable magazines such as CVLUX, Harper’s Bazaar, Playboy, jet, and ebony.

Having been in the entertainment space for over three decades she is widely regarded as one of the pioneers and legends young upcoming entertainers can emulate. She has starred in over 70 movies and also over 50 television series.

She also works as a television host and has her own podcast program shown late in the evening. An entrepreneur alongside she owns a jewelry shop in which children’s ornaments are sold.

Meet Garcelle Beauvais Kids

A proud mother of three, and two-time divorcee, Garcelle has three boys from her previous marriages, we are going to focus on who they are. Oliver saunders born to Daniel saunders and Garcelle Beauvais on 22nd February 1991, spent most of her active years in Los Angeles with her mother when she was pursuing her career.

He suffered from serious drug addiction which saw him expelled from almost five schools. His attitude really downed on his parent but they never gave up on him as they stood firmly behind him with their enormous support and made sure he stopped.

An upcoming rapper Oliver was greatly inspired by musician and actor Jamie Foxx when he first appeared on his show to display his rap talent. At a very young age he secured his first gig to perform at Disney hall. At the valley wilderness camp where he achieved sobriety, Oliver rediscovered his rap prowess and developed a strong desire to pursue it.

He adopted a showbiz name Jayson rose and has performed alongside fellow underground artist such as Dom Kennedy,skeme, and kid inkz. Oliver was previously married to Samantha with whom they both have a son together making him Garcelle’s first grandson.

They officially tied the knot in 2020. Recently Samantha made headlines when she came out to accuse Oliver of cheating on her with Raquel leviss an actress whom she alleged had an affair with whilst filming a movie together, the said act she believes has really affected her mental health. As of September 2022, the couples are said to have parted ways.

Jax joseph and jaid Thomas are also kids of Garcelle with whom he had with her ex-husband mike nilon on 18th October 2007. Although they are currently divorced they both share a good cordial relationship and are really co-parenting for the sake of their kids. Garcelle once revealed in an interview that her kids inspired her greatly to be a writer.

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