There Is Nothing Wrong With Pastors Who Owned A Private Jet – Bishop Agyin-Asare


Is it wrong for a pastor to own a private jet? You will occasionally see some comparisons on social media and criticism against pastors who have a private plane.

Some will argue that there is no need for a pastor to buy a private jet while there are still poor people in the church.

And this issue got the attention of a renowned Bishop in Ghana to stepped into this matter.

The founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, on an interview at Joy 99.7 FM, said there is nothing wrong with a pastor owning a private jet if it is not at the expense of someone.

Again, having a private jet also eases the movement to travel to so many countries in sharing the Gospel.

“I don’t have a private jet yet, but if I got one, I wouldn’t reject it,” said Bishop Agyinasare.

He emphasized how it is difficult for him when traveling to other countries to share the Gospel. He has to do a transit of about 8 hours, which he cited as a waste of time.

However, having a private jet will be convenient and a plus to advance the Gospel without going through any hustle of boarding a known plane.

He stated, “I travel a lot, and there are times when going to DR Congo, I have to take a flight from here to Togo, Kenya, and at times too I do transit of 8 hours when the journey from here to DR Congo is just 3 hours. If I have a jet, I would have cut off those hours.”

What About The “Poor” in the Church?

Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare - nothing wrong with pastors having a private jet

You may have heard people say they will never go to Church because pastors are using the Church funds for luxury instead of helping the needy members in the Church.

Speaking further on this issue, Bishop Charles Agyinasare insinuated that poor people would remain in the Church. That doesn’t mean pastors should refrain from the efficient means of their work.

He continued, “as some are trained, they learned the principles of becoming successful whiles new people from the street will be joining the Church.”

Therefore, this shouldn’t stop a pastor from doing what he’s supposed to do!

He questioned, “It is suitable for a businessman to have a private jet, but why shouldn’t a pastor?
Using Bishop Oyedepo as an example, he said, “Bishop Oyedepo has three universities and a hospital, so if this man owns a plane, what is the pity?”

Moreover, Bishop Charles Agyinasare assumed that it is not corrupt or immoral if a pastor decides to have a private jet, provided he has the money to buy it or if the Church chooses to buy it for him.

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