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Who Is Sankara Alafia, Yaya DaCosta’s son?


Sankara Alafia is the son of American actress and former America’s next top model star Yaya DaCosta, despite her mum’s huge success chalked in the entertainment fraternity much isn’t known about him.

NameSankara Alafia
ParentsJoshua Bee Alafia & Yaya DaCosta
AuntyDjassi DaCosta Johnson
GrandparentsCarl Awololo Johnson & Orundon DaCosta Johnson
Sankara Alafia Profile Summary

Early life

Born in the united of America to an actress mother and cinematographer dad, Sankara is of mixed race as his maternal grandparents are from Nigeria and brazil respectively. Sankara spends most of her time with his grandparents and parents.

What he does

Sankara at the moment is a student who usually joins his dad during his meditation sessions. The dad once uploaded a video of both of them practicing meditation.

His mother

Yaya DaCosta is popularly known in the entertainment circles as an actress, model, and also a former contestant on America’s next top model. She gained huge public exposure after featuring in the reality show and afterwards has ventured into acting.

She has since then been casted in over 30 movies and has also made cameo appearances in music videos. Due to her good acting skills, she has won a lot of prestigious awards such as the teen choice awards and the black reel award, which there is no doubt she’s really doing good for herself in the entertainment industry.

His father

Joshua bee Alafia a cinematographer, editor, and teacher of meditation, gained huge popularity after his romantic relationship with Yaya DaCosta which was short-lived. Regarded as one of the greatest pioneers in cinematography and also a great teacher in meditation, Joshua seems to have really paid his dues well in the industry.

He is also loved by many due to his rich meditation teachings which are able to heal emotionally broken people.

Are The Parents Still Married?

Although the two are no longer together, both have also refrained from talking about the cause of their divorce as they are focused on giving Sankara a good parenting.


He is the nephew of actress and photographer djassi DaCosta Johnson


He is the grandson of Nigerian Carl awololo Johnson and Brazilian orundon DaCosta Johnson

Sankara Alafia Age

Born in 2013 Sankara is 9 years of age

Hair color and eye color

He has black hair and brown eyes.

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