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What Happened To Patsy Cline’s Children After Her Death in 1963?


What Happened To Patsy Cline Children After Her Death?

Julie and Randy Cline, Patsy Cline’s children, were just four and two years old when their mother died in an aircraft crash in 1963 while returning from a performance in Kansas City. Strange as it may seem, Cline knew she had limited time.

She, therefore, unexpectedly penned her will on some Delta Airlines stationery after giving birth to her youngest kid. She began the will by stating that, in the event of her passing, her mother would be given custody of her two children:

“I…leave to Hilda Virginia Hensley my mother, my children Julie Symadore Dick and Allen Randolph Dick to be cared for, and raised by the best of her ability until they are eighteen years of age.”

She also stipulated that Charlie Dick, the father of her children and her husband, might pay them visits, but they had to “stay” in her mother’s house until they were of legal age.

She also designated her mother as the beneficiary of her royalties so that she may utilize the money to support her children once she is gone.

You may be curious about the whereabouts of Patsy Cline’s children, 59 years after the singer of “I Fall to Pieces” passed away.

I believe the story is touching you? Please continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about what happened to Patsy Cline’s children after her death.

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 Patsy Cline’s Children

Julie Symadore Dick

Patsy Cline wed Charlie Dick, her second spouse, in September 1957. He worked as a linotype operator for The Winchester Star, a regional newspaper.

Julie Symadore Dick, the happy couple’s first child, was born a year after their wedding. Hilda Hensley, Cline’s mother, took her children according to her wishes after her death. Hensley remained a resident of Winchester, Virginia, where she initially reared Julie and Randy.

When their father, Charlie, remarried to singer Jamey Ryan in 1965, Julie and Randy relocated back to Nashville. In addition, Cline’s spouse has begun working for Starday Records as the National Director of Promotion.

Julie is now a wife and a housewife. She is a grandma to two grandchildren and has four children. Julie has contributed to preserving her mother’s legacy despite not following in her mother’s footsteps. She participated in the 2017 opening of a Cline-themed museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

The most extensive collection of antiquities in the entire globe is kept at the Patsy Museum. This includes attire and private letters. There are also priceless artifacts from the matriarch’s home that had been hidden for more than 50 years.

When the museum first opened, Cline’s wax replica offered guests a singular opportunity to get to know the person behind the voice.

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“I do understand her position in history and the history of Nashville and country music,” Julie said. “I’m still kind of amazed at it myself because there’s ‘Mom’ and then there’s ‘Patsy Cline,’ and I’m actually a fan.”

What Happened To Patsy Cline Children?

Julie produced the biopic “Patsy and Loretta” despite her mother’s memories being only fragmentary. Julie included her mother’s recollections in the movie so that viewers would understand what Patsy Cline was like as a mother. She also highlighted the close bond between Patsy and Loretta Lynn.

She recalls Cline as being “very much a hands-on mom.”
“She wanted to be there, and even though she loved her work, it was also something that had to be done. It was a way for her to help support the family. I believe she really would rather have been at home,” Julie remarked.

The actual home where they resided during the final year of Cline’s life was used for some of the film’s scenes. The biopic also includes heartbreaking glimpses of Julie’s reaction to Cline leaving on the road.

Julie was able to overcome her loss because of those priceless moments. And with initiatives like these might be the most acceptable way to remember her mother, who passed away too soon.

“With all the years that have passed, you kind of grow accustomed to talking about things, and it’s also been a pleasure to have her remembered,” she said. “[Patsy and Loretta] is just such a happy program that I really didn’t feel a lot of sadness. I actually felt kind of warm and comfortable.”

Allen Randolph ‘Randy’ Dick

Allen Randolph, whom Cline affectionately referred to as Randy, was born in 1961, bringing Cline and Chalie new blessings. Randy Dick, on the other hand, favored remaining hidden.

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Though not much is known about him, he once served as the drummer for a Nashville-based rock band and frequently shows up at Cline-related events. This demonstrates how committed Patsy Cline’s offspring are to upholding their mother’s legacy.

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