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Top 5 Powerful Worship Songs By Benjamin Dube


Music heals the soul! Not every music, but the most powerful worship songs from anointed people.

When a man falls on his knees and stretches his hands heavenward, he is doing the most natural thing in the world. Something deep within compels him to seek someone or something outside of himself to worship and adore.

If everybody could suddenly have a baptism of a pure cheerful belief that God wants and desires us to worship, admire and praise Him, it could transform us overnight into the most radiantly happy people in the world. Listening to a very powerful worship songs will draw you near to our Monarch.

If man had not fallen, worship would continue to be the most natural thing because God specifically designed man to worship Him. God created man as His special instrument of music -offering to Him natural sweet praise.

Some worship what they do not know. In their unredeemed condition, they have lost the way and cannot clearly define the object of their wistful adoration, and so their search takes them far from God.

As worshipper, we always come to our supreme God in a reverence heart and spirit. Let’s worship God with these powerful worship songs outline below:

Top 5 powerful worship songs from Benjamin Dude.

Benjamin Dube – In Your Presence Music Video

Benjamin Dube singing “In Your Presence.”

The best place to be at peace and good spirit is found only in the presence of God. Benjamin Dube is drawing us to the presence of God through his powerful worship songs on our list. Let all who have distant from God, long for His presence once again. Oh Lord! We want to be in your presence.

Benjamin Dube – Ngiyakuthanda

Benjamin Dube in his “isolation” powerful worship songs released the song “Ngiyakuthanda.” Which when translated in Zulu, it means I love you.

The Lord has been good to us; especially during this era of pandemic, depression, sorrows and death. So, in this worship song by Benjamin Dube, let’s thank the Lord for all His provision. “Nkosi Yami Ngiyakuthanda” – My Lord, I Love You.

Benjamin Dube ft Pu2ma Tiso – Jesus You’re Lord

Jesus is indeed the Lord of Lords. Benjamin Dube ft Pu2ma Tiso – Jesus You’re Lord, will help you to gaze upon the beauty of our monarch. Remember, “God has given Jesus a name that is above any other name.”

Benjamin Dube – Bow Down & Worship

Benjamin Dube – Bow Down & Worship is one of his powerful worship songs I can’t stop listening. Benjamin Dube is calling out all believer to bow down before the throne of God and worship. There is no other place than His! He is the great I am! We love you oh God.

“Consuming fire, sweet perfume and awesome praise!”

Come and let’s bow down before our monarch, for this is a holy bow!

Benjamin Dube – You are my God

And finally, Benjamin Dube – “You are my God” is another powerful worship songs to confirm our identity in Christ. One man asked, “who is God to you?”

Comment below! who is God to you? For me, God is my life, my health, my happiness, my everything. He is my future and my hope. He wipes my tears and comforts my heart. Without Him, I’m nothing.

Deep calleth unto deep as we draw near to the mercy seat with these powerful worship songs from Benjamin Dube. What a mighty God we serve!


God our Father, we seek Thee in ways that will bring us to Thee. We turn to the Holy Spirit, to our guide and teacher. May our hearts yield to His work and may He so flood our hearts with joy unspeakable and full of glory that we rise above the din of the world into the light Unapproachable.



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