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TEC & Maine Musik – Insurance Lyrics + Video


Download the Insurance MP3 song for free on this page. And for those looking for Insurance lyrics, you can get it on this page. Insurance is a song by TEC & Maine Musik released on 17th November 2017.

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TEC & Maine Musik – Insurance Video

TEC & Maine Musik – Insurance MP3

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Maine Musik – Insurance MP3 [Download]

TEC & Maine Musik – Insurance Lyrics

Gang, bitch ass nigga, you’s a hoe
I feel like Pac in this bitch

They make instagram post cause they scared of they death
( Bitch ass boy)
That’s how you put insurance on yo self
They make instagram post cause they scared of they death
Bitch that’s how you put insurance on yo self

If he don’t got it go hook em up to a iv like he got chemo
One of them bitches dropped now we need three mo
I dropped and I now they watch the whole horseshoe in the Z store
Tryna and one em hand gun em face em with the free throw
I hope they know its faneto, I might Debo one, pull up on a bike
I want his head, Give a brick to Craig, Spin on Friday night
Knock out his lights like he done blew a fuze, All those sticks we waiting to use, Ain’t no rules, Chop whoever wit em cause they overdue
Dez killer stood over dude close no infrared
Caught me off it, beat me in the ass? they hit me in the leg
In the arm, in the thigh, but it could’ve been the head
But instead they had they eyes closed, They thought I was dead
Outrageous, contagious choppa lead, watch them bullets spread
Word to Vonate and T-Fed, T.I.P Big Homie Craig
But they, flonkied Lil Keef out with that bracelet on his leg
Now its funerals to plan and some blood got to shed

They make instagram post cause they scared of they death( Bitch ass boy)
That’s how you put insurance on yo self
They make instagram post cause they scared of they death
Bitch that’s how you put insurance on yo self

[Verse 2]
Someone get scared, now its deeper than rapping, they say they gone clap me, they said they had my BM at they bowling alley
Well check this, bitch I know yo BM and that hoe be lacking, so nigga think about yo son before you play with family
Bitch I never asked nobody to like me I’m full throttle
Run that block with that rock while me handle, I globe trot em
My mama know I’m a problem but also a role model
Long chopper baby drake, and lil reagan them 4s stop em
I dome shot em, it got a laser sitting at they bottom, of that mini mac, get in black, where they at, I’m gone find em
I had a binder full of raps, no wonder I end up failing math
Instead of solving problems, I’m in class writing down every strap
I ever saw, fuck what they adding fuck what a fraction
This a Sig Sau, betta be packing bet not be lacking, when you know its war
Shots flew in traffic, they tried to wet me but they wet the car
And my baby mama played a part
I’m gangsta as I wanna be, know they want me on a T, so I tote that .223 like fuck the whole SOG
I’m a introduce you to this raw shit,bitch can’t even go to Jasmine’s for no crawfish, Boss Shit!

That’s on gang, bitch ass nigga, how they fuck a nigga shoot me and they feel like they can ride around texting, how they fuck a nigga shoot me and still feel like they hang on the block and sell nickle bags
Fuck a nigga, nigga ain’t gone sleep or grind long as we got iron round here, bitch ass nigga
And I don’t give a fuck bout what a nigga talm bout nigga cause I’m out here nigga fuck a nigga
Bitch ass nigga I’m 6 ft 6 and a nigga miss 37 shots, bitch ass nigga how you hit 3 out of 37, now either god was by my side or them shootas was blind, fuck them bitch ass niggas and thats just how we rocking nigga
Long as i got my heater this beef it Chris brown and Seyvn Streeter, bitch ass nigga, it won’t stop
Fuck a nigga and that’s on gang and these mutha fuckin dracos bitch
I want one of the chains, somebody bring me back one of them fuckin chains


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