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Jared Mees & The Grown Children – Strong Black Coffee Lyrics + Video


Download “Strong Black Coffee” Mp3 song by Jared Mees & The Grown Children. We have Strong Black Coffee Lyrics available on this for free. Stream as you go through Strong Black Coffee Lyrics to feel the vibes.

Strong Black Coffee is an Israeli Hip Hop duo of Ethiopian origins. The duo was a nominee for the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Israeli Act award.

Strong Black Coffee Audio

Strong Black Coffee Lyrics

Whoa I drink pots and pots and pots and pots of strong black coffee
Trying to keep my sleepy soul awake
But the sleepiness still comes along and when it does its fast and strong
I end up with a bad case of the shakes

And my baby tells me honey cut it out
Cuz she’s familiar with the bend before the break
But she’s in this runaway with me and by god were doing fifty
Comin’ round that hairpin turn atop of wolf creek

Now I called Olly Olly Olly Olly Oxen Free
Tryin’ to draw god out from his hiding place
Either he can’t hear what I’m saying or he just got sick of playing
Either way, I’ll be calling out like this for days

And the cadence and the chords are all the same
So like an anthem from a child in the streets
And you know he ain’t much for singing, but by god he’s good at swinging
And that’s the reason that he won’t stay obsolete

And that’s why he’s singing, how, how long, how long must I wait
He’s singing, how, how long, how long will this whole thing take
Cuz everyday… it’s getting tougher to shoot straight

Now I’ve read page, after page, after page, after smeared page
About this killer instinct inside of me
But love it, or hate it, praise it or berate it
It’s just what comes out most naturally

And they warn me kid you’ll run it in the ground
If you keep on saying all the same things the same way
But I ain’t trying to make friends
I’m just trying to make this story end

And if you’re drinking then you don’t got time to plead

And that’s why I’m singing, how, how long, how long, must I wait
I’m singing, how, how long, how long will this whole thing take

Strong Black Coffee Lyrics

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