Proclaim Worship ( I surrender Video )

Proclaim Worship ( I surrender Video )

March 14, 2021 0 By Spiritual

I surrendered before watching this powerful worship song by Proclaim experience.
It’s time to surrender! Anointed children ministry on fire for the Lord, Proclaim Worship Experience have again stepped upon the altar to offer their sacrifice to God.
We need to surrender all unto the Lord; our most effective plans, goals, marriages, careers, businesses, etc. Surrendering to the Lord means we trust Him wholly for everything. Are you ready to surrender all to the Lord? Let’s worship together!

Beloved in the Lord, it’s time for us to stand in the gap for our Monarch. Who is ready to stand in the gap? Who is prepared to surrender the pleasures of this world and make the Lord Almighty his very last hope? The Lord needs men to win more souls for him; where are you?
Let’s arise for a change! Winning souls is our business as sons of God; it is a heavenly called type of business. “For those that win more souls are wise and will shine like the stars.”

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