Micheal Rich Ft GUC -Werelo (Mp3 download+Lyrics)

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Micheal Rich ft GUC – Werelo lyrics and mp3 free download.

The love of God is too deep to fathom. It is through His love that we’re all alive. The love of God is unconditional; whiles we were still sinning, Christ died for us. Micheal Rich is another intense minister of God featuring GUC in this effectual melody “Werelo” about the love of God.

Let’s join Micheal Rich and Minister GUC as they present to us the heavenly dew through this powerful ecstasy of worship.

Micheal Rich Ft GUC “Werelo” Lyrics

Verse 1

This love wey you get for me

e no fit die, e no fit quench

this love wey you get for me oo

E no fit die,e no fit queeench

nyorbe… werelo

You laid your life for me

Bari ooooo

nyorbe.. werelo

You did it all for me

Bari oooo

Verse 2

Na me wey you kukuma die for

Na me wey you tap say oboy go

Your case don finish…

My matter big pass the ones for cell

You no send me ooo

You love me still and always

Baba God ooo

You kukuma love me anyhow

You love me till the very day you died and rose again

and now you stand before the father

Oboy go!…onwegi heneme

I am your God Almighty

The earth is my foot stool

and I sit in the heavens..

nyorbe werelo

You laid your live for me

Bari ooo..oh bari oooh

Verse 3

You brought your glory

to change my story eheh

All because of me(all because of me)

You came to earth iyoo..

They tore your shirt

They spat on you

All because of me..you mellow

No be say you no fit fight back

No be say you no fit burst head

All because of me..you mellowed

Nyorbe werelo

You laid your life for me

Bari oooh


You took your life for me

(only for me..)

what a selfless God you are oooh oh oh

You took your life for me..

bari oooooooooo..


Ooh..bari o

My father and my king

Bari o…

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