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Matt Lauer Net Worth & Biography


What is Matt Lauer Net Worth? This article will look at the worth of media personality Matt Lauer as of 2022, it wouldn’t only be limited to that but also his personal life, physical features, and how he began his career

Who Is Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer is famously known for his time with NBC where he presented and hosted a lot of programs and also granted interviews with very notable public figures. After his sexual accusation in 2017, he was fired from work.

Full NameMatthew Todd Lauer
Best Known AsMatt Lauer
Date Of BirthDecember 30, 1957
WifeAnnette Roque
ChildrenRomy Lauer, jack Lauer & Thijs Lauer
Matt Lauer Net Worth Profile Summary

Early life

Born in New York to a bicycle company executive father and a boutique owner mother, Matt spent most of his early years in the new York before graduating from Ohio university where he pursued a course in communication.


He started his career as a host for pm magazine, then joined WWOR-TV, and then had a short stint at WWE company before finally joining NBC. In NBC he worked with almost every department, but was particularly in the newsroom and also presenting.

His unique interview skills afforded him the chance to interview notable faces such as Vladimir Putin, George Bush, Tom Cruise, Prince William and henry, and also Paul Ryan. His media career was cut short in 2017 after news broke out he has been sexually molesting some female staffs at NBC.

Quite a bevy of ladies came out to confirm how Matt has sexually molested them against their will on several occasions. At the height of the accusations and public criticism, chairman of NBC Andrew lack drafted his termination letter which saw him been sacked and his monetary benefits canceled.

Matt has made short cameo appearances in movies such as straight outta Compton and land of the lost. He has also hosted many television programs including one he did with his daughter on sesame street.

Matt Lauer Net Worth

With a career spanning over three decades, one cannot dispute the fact that matt is one of the richest media personalities, as of 2022 his net worth sits at $62 million thanks to his stocks bought in the following company Boeing airline, Intel, IBM, Netflix, and MasterCard.

He pockets a lot of cash any time the stock market goes up. He has also invested heavily in the real estate sector and has quite a number of houses and personal lives in a $17 million mansion in new York. He also drives exotic cars

Matt Lauer Age

Born on 30th December 1957 matt is 65 years.

Personal life

Matt was previously married to producer Nancy Alspaugh which they divorced after five years of marriage. He then got married to model Annette roque with whom they had three kids jack, Romy, and Thijs.

In 2006 Annette filed for divorce stating how abusive matt was to her and also causing her emotional torture. They reconciled and broke up again after news of his sexual assault made headlines.

Height and weight

He has a height of 1.8m and a weight of 76kg


He has three kids Jack Matthew Lauer, Romy Lauer, and Thijis Lauer

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