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Jaclyn Hill Net Worth & Biography


What Is Jaclyn Hill Net Worth As Of Today?

Welcome to another post about famous people’s net worth. In our previous article, we discussed Daddy Yankee’s net worth and shared his early life story with you. And in today’s post, we will talk about Jaclyn Hill’s net worth and her personal life.

So who is Jaclyn Hill? Jaclyn Hill is an American entrepreneur who deals mainly in fashion, makeup, and beauty products. She has gained huge recognition thanks to her YouTube channel with over 5.8 followers.

She takes strong inspiration from Kim Kardashian who helped her gain more followers after featuring her on one of her vlogging shows. She currently runs her own beauty company called Jaclyn hill cosmetics where she sells all kinds of makeup products.

Real NameJaclyn Roxanne Eilers
Best Known AsJaclyn Hill
Date Of BirthJuly 20, 1990
Height in feet5’7″
HusbandJon Hill (Ex-Husband)
Net Worth$2 Million
Last Updated2022

Jaclyn Hill Early life

Born in a farmland area in the vicinity of Illinois, the youngest amongst three siblings. Due to her dad’s profession as an evangelist, they weren’t stationed at one place as it demanded them to always relocate to different locations.

She was homeschooled right from infancy before studying photography in college and she dropped out along the line. She took to a few odd jobs like working as a freelance makeup artist and also at a cosmetics shop before starting her entrepreneurship journey.

To better appreciate Jaclyn Hill Net worth, we need to see how she started her career. The paragraph below will help us know more about her.

How Jaclyn Hill Started His Career

Inspired by Kim Kardashian she started her YouTube tutorial channel which focuses mainly on makeup. She gained more popularity after featuring her mentor Kim Kardashian in one of her YouTube episodes, which was one of her highest-viewed videos.

She has also worked with big brands such as BECCA which came out with champagne. She also worked with Morphe cosmetics and her affiliations with these two top brands made them make good sales of their products.

She launched her cosmetics Jaclyn cosmetics in 2019, which at a point was heavily criticized by the public because consumers were having adverse effects after using it, she came out to vehemently deny those claims. Along the line, she ventured into a joint partnership with her mother to bring in more cosmetic products.

So what is Jaclyn Hill Net Worth today?

Jaclyn Hill Net Worth

Jaclyn Hill Net Worth
Jaclyn Hill Net Worth

According to Forbes rating, she is worth $2 million thanks to her vlogging business which usually gives deeper insight into the beauty and makeup products. With a huge following of over 5.8 million, the beautician rakes in millions every year.

Also, a chunk of her earnings came from the big brands she worked with like BECCA and Morphe, which they say her working with them saw them make huge sales in the market.

She also operates her own cosmetics shop which she suffered a huge backlash from the start because consumers complained negatively about how bad the products were. She had to go off the scene for a while and relaunch herself, some of the products were borne out of the idea between her and the mum

Jaclyn Hill Height And Weight

She has a height of 1.70m and weighs 30 pounds

Who Is Jaclyn Hill Husband

She was previously married to Jon Hill for 9 years and they divorced due to unreconcilable differences, Jon Hill passed away in August 2022, and she’s currently engaged to Jordan Torrey.

Jaclyn Hill Age

Born on the 20th of July 1990 Jaclyn is 32years of age as of 2022

Jaclyn siblings

The youngest of three siblings Jaclyn has an elder brother Nicholas Eilers and an elder sister Rachel Eilers whom she has described as a strong pillar in her life.


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