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Meet Eric David Bledel, The Brother Of Alexis Bledel


Eric David Bledel is known by many as the younger brother of actress and model, Alexis Bledel. Although her sister has gained huge prominence in the entertainment industry with her works scattered all across media platforms, Eric mostly prefers shying away from the media.

This article will look at who Eric Bledel is, his physical features, what he does for a living, his personal life, and his net worth.

Full Name: Eric David Bledel
Age: 36 years
Siblings: Alexis Bledel
Brother in-law: Vincent Kartheiser
Parents: Martin Bledel and Nanette bledel
Nephew: one
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 80 kg
Eye color: black
Hair color: Brownish black

Early Years of Eric David Bledel

Born in Houston to an Argentinian father Martin Bledel who worked as the vice president of coca cola corporation and an American mother Nanette Bledel who was a flight attendant. Eric had his basic education and high school in Houston.


Eric, unlike her sister is a very private person as much isn’t known about him because he usually avoids the media, but rumors have it that he’s a graduate working in the corporate world probably following his dad’s footsteps. He’s a polyglot who speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


Born in 1986 Eric is 36 years as of 2022 making him five years younger than Alexis.

Height and weight

He has a weight of 80kg and a height of 6 feet.

Brother in-law

He is the brother-in-law of Alexis’s husband Vincent Kartheiser and also an uncle to their son.

Net worth

He is said to be worth $5000

Meet Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel is an American actress and model with an argentine and American background. A polyglot who is very fluent in three languages Spanish, English, and Portuguese, Alexis spent most of her formative years in Houston where she schooled up to the college level.

She once revealed in an interview that she joining the entertainment industry was a decision motivated by her mother to help her overcome shyness. She first started acting at the theatre before finally having her first movie role in 2000.

She has since then starred in over 50 movies alongside television series and also made short cameo appearances in music videos, which has seen her win many prestigious awards such as the teen’s people award, and also new York most stylish star.

As a model alongside acting Alexis has had her image featured in many popular magazines such as teen vogue and also shot commercials for a lot of brands.

A strong democratic fan, Alexis was very much involved in the campaign for barrack Obama in 2012 which she even created a Twitter account to pull votes for him and also mobilize a lot of youth to register their names and vote.

An advocate and humanitarian, Alexis has been involved in a lot of humanitarian works such as she joining her fellow actress Ferrara’s group anti-poverty campaign which was created purposely to assist poor women and children in deprived areas.

The foundation also gave women a lot of knowledge about making their farming business grow. Also an LGTBQ advocate, Alexis has never hidden her support for them as she normally defends and supports them with her platform.

She was married to co-actor Vincent Kartheiser and the marriage produced one child, as of 2022 their marriage was dissolved.

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