Download Theophilus Sunday: Eagles’ Flight (Mp3, Video)

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Download Eagles’ flight by Theophilus Sunday free mp3 on this page.

Minister Theophilus Sunday elevates us to the higher worship of this eagles’ flight. He calls this piece the eagles’ flight chants.
Let go higher with the LORD as we follow Theophilus Sunday in his eagle’s flight chants worship.

Theophilus Sunday: Eagles’ Flight Video

Theophilus Sunday – Eagles’ Flight Mp3 [Download]

The Story Of An Eagle

Young eagles learn how to fly from their parents and by practicing near their nests. One of the main ways they practice is by spreading their wings and jumping to a nearby branch.

A baby eagle is called an eaglet. Until they can fly, they depend on their parents for everything. Young eagles spread their wings and hop out of the nest to a branch of the tree they’re in.

At first, they hop to the closest branches, flapping their wings. The movement is more like jumping than flying.

This exercise is called branching and helps them improve their coordination and balance.

The eagle’s first flight away from the nest is called fledging. Learn how to fly like an eagle. Wait on God so He can renew your strength like an eagle. This week is an eagles’ flight.

Learn more about eagles here.

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