Download Justin Bieber: Where You Go I Follow (Mp3, Lyrics)

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Download “Where You Go I Follow” by Justin Bieber ft Judah Smith, Chandler Moore & Pink Sweat$ free mp3 and Lyrics.

Justin Bieber surprised fans by releasing his six-track EP, Freedom. The ultra-religious singer has often spoken openly about his Christian faith, and fans have seen him make appearances with his celebrity pastor friends Carl Lentz, Chad Veach, and Judah Smith.

The latter shows up on Freedom, including a feature on “Where You Go I Follow” alongside Bieber, Judah Smith, Chandler Moore, and Pink Sweat$.

Justin Bieber – Where You Go I Follow free mp3 [Download]

Where You Go I Follow by Justin Bieber Lyrics

[Verse 1: Justin Bieber]
Where You go, I follow (Where You go, I follow)
You’re with me every step of the way
Here in the struggle (Here in the struggle)
Your love’s enough to wash it all away

[Pre-Chorus: Justin Bieber]
On the third day, yeah, You rose up
And You beat death once and for all (Once and for all)
Once and for all (Once and for all)

[Chorus: Justin Bieber]
There’s nobody like You (Like You, like You)
There’s nobody like You, Jesus (Jesus, Jesus)
There’ll nеver be nobody like You (Likе You, like You)
There’ll never be nobody like You, Jesus (Jesus, Jesus)

[Verse 2: Pink Sweat$]
Sometimes this world is feeling crazy
At times my mind is feeling hazy
But, Lord, You always come and save me
God Almighty, my safety
You’re my end, You’re my new beginning
You’re my home, the One I confide in
You’re the very air I breathe
The reason that I sing

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[Bridge: Chandler Moore]
Oh, I’ve tried it all
Nothing could fix the damage in my heart
‘Til I met Your love
Oh, You gave Your life so I won’t fall apart

[Pre-Chorus: Chandler Moore]
On the third day, yeah, You rose up
And You beat death once and for all (Once and for all)
Oh-oh, once and for all

[Chorus: Justin Bieber & Chandler Moore]
There’s nobody like You (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
There’s nobody like You, Jesus (Jesus, Jesus; No-oh-oh)
There’ll never be nobody like You (Oh-oh-oh)
There’ll never be nobody like You, Jesus (Jesus, Jesus) (Yeah, yeah, ayy-ayy, yeah)

[Outro: Judah Smith]
Why? Why is there nobody like Jesus?
Hasn’t billions of men and women lived on this planet?
But why, why are we convinced there’s nobody like Jesus?
Was He not merely a teacher, a prophet
An exegeter, an explainer and yet we find ourselves in history wondering
“Is there anyone like Jesus?
Who is this Jesus?”
This Man from the Middle East who claims to be God
Is He God? Is He sinless? Is He perfection?
Is He the once and for all sacrifice for humanity?
Is He a man without fear?
Did He become sin so that you and I might become right in our relationship with God?
Is there nobody like Jesus?
Did He die between two criminals on the crucifixion?
Three days later, did He rise again as the grave empty?
Has He defeated death, Hell in the grave and sin itself?
If so, there is nobody like Jesus (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)

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