Download Joyous Celebration – Ghana Chant (Mp3, Lyrics, Video)

Download Joyous Celebration “Ghana Chant” Mp3, Lyrics, and Video!

Here come another praises by the South African Christian music praises team, “Joyous Celebration,” with hot praises titled “Ghana Chant,” which was sung in Asante Twi.

It’s unlikely to talk about the history and the landscape of South African gospel without mentioning Joyous Celebration. When they staged their first show in 1996, no one could have imagined the long and glorious journey that would make them the gospel substation they are today.

Joyous Celebration – Ghana Chant [Video]

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Download Joyous Celebration Ghana Chant Mp3 [Download]

Lyrics: Ghana Chant by Joyous Celebration

Wose wo p3 praises,
Wose wo p3 praises,
Praises na wo b3 nya

O-hen O-re-ba-o O-hen O-re-ba-o, O-hen O-re-ba-o
O-sa-ba-ri-ma-ee Yesu na Oreba oo (eei eei)
Obeba abe fa yen (oo eei eei)

O-be-ba a-befa yen na y’a-ko di e-hu-ru- si
Ye ne no be t’na daa eeieei


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