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Michael Eldridge, popularly known as Acapeldridge, is an American Contemporary hymn singer and a songwriter.

My love for his songs ❤

Soon my toil will be o’er and I’ll rest on that shore

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Paradise Valley – Acapeldridge Video

Paradise Valley Lyrics – Acapeldridge

As I travel through life with its trouble and strife
I’ve a glorious hope to give cheer on the way
Soon my toil will be o’er and I’ll rest on that shore
Where the night has been turned into day

Up in paradise valley (up in the beautiful paradise valley)
By the side of the river of life (of the river of life)
Up in paradise valley (up in the valley, the wonderful valley)
We’ll be free from all pain and all strife (from all pain and all strife)
There we’ll live in the garden (there we shall live in the rose tinted garden)
‘Neath the shade of the evergreen tree (of the evergreen tree)
How I long for the paradise valley (for the paradise valley)
Where the beauty of heaven I’ll see (beauty of heaven I’ll see)

Though your garden is rare it is not to compare
With the flowers that bloom in the garden above
In the midst of it grows Sharon’s perfect sweet rose
‘Tis the wonderful flower we love

Repeat Chorus (x2)


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