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Download MP3: Crazy Patsy Cline Lyrics + Video


Crazy Patsy Cline Lyrics, Mp3 & Music Video

Download Crazy Patsy Cline MP3 song on this page. Let’s go country this week with Patsy Cline’s song titled Crazy. This page will give you Crazy Patsy Cline Lyrics, music video and the MP3 song.

Here is what you need to know about Crazy Patsy Cline’s song:

Willie Nelson composed the song “Crazy,” which Patsy Cline made famous in 1961. Nelson wrote the song while residing in Houston and working for Pappy Daily’s record company, D Records.

He played in clubs and worked as a radio DJ. Nelson relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked for Pamper Music as a writer.

The song got to Patsy Cline via Hank Cochran. After her initial recording and release, Cline’s rendition of the song peaked at number two on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles and debuted as a top 10 single on the mainstream chart.

Cline’s rendition is regarded as a benchmark of country music, and in 1996 it surpassed all other songs as the most played track in American jukeboxes.

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Many musicians covered “Crazy,” and several versions found success on the charts. The song was used in television programs, and numerous magazines included it in lists of the best songs. Cline’s rendition was added to the National Recording Registry in 2003 by the Library of Congress.

Crazy Patsy Cline Music Video

Download Crazy Patsy Cline MP3

For my country lovers looking to download Crazy Patsy Cline, you can add this track to your music playlist by using the [Download] link below.

Crazy Patsy Cline MP3 [Download]

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Crazy Patsy Cline Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue

[Verse 2]
I knew, you’d love me as long as you wanted
And then someday, you’d leave me for somebody new

[Verse 3]
Worry, why do I let myself worry?
Wondering, what in the world did I do?

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Crazy, for thinking that my love could hold you
I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying
And I’m crazy for loving you

Crazy, for thinking that my love could hold you
I’m crazy for trying and crazy for crying
And I’m crazy for loving you

About Crazy Patsy Cline Song

“Crazy” was written by Willie Nelson in 1961, early in his career. According to Nelson, the song was initially called “Stupid.”

It was recorded by Patsy Cline and went to number two on the Billboard Country chart in 1962. She initially hated the song, but her husband, Charlie Dick, convinced her to record it.

Crazy became her biggest hit and is on the list of the 500 Greatest Country Songs. Cline died in a plane crash in a plane crash near Camden, Tennessee, on 5 March 1963.

Crazy Patsy Cline Lyrics

Crazy Patsy Cline Lyrics

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