Bethel Revival Choir – Ava Fia (Warrior King) Mp3, Lyrics, Video

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Download “Ava Fia’ by Bethel Revival Choir
We bring to you Ava Fia (Warrior King) by Bethel Revival Choir. Bethel Revival Choir is a Contemporary Gospel Music Ministry group under the Global Evangelical Church (GEC), Trinity Parish, Kotobabi-Down, Accra Ghana.
The song was performed as part of the ‘Akpe (Thank You)’ medley.

Ava Fia is an extremely worship medley for the week; listen and download for your best feelings.

Download Ava Fia (Warrior King) Mp3 by Bethel Revival Choir

Ava Fia (Warrior King) by Bethel Revival Choir

Ava Fia (Warrior King) Lyrics by Bethel Revival Choir


Aʋa fia Kristo, miedo wonkɔ ɖe dzi

(Christ the Warrior-King, we lift your name high)

Wòe nye Fia, Fia nenye vavā

(You are King, You are King indeed)

Dzidudu l’abɔta nε

(The government is upon his shoulders)

Wo yɔ eƒe ɳkɔ be Nukunu

(He’s called wonderful)

Fofomavɔ, Adaɳudela, Nutifafa Fia

(Everlasting Father, Counsellor, Prince of peace)

Wòe nye Fia, Fia nenye vavā

(You are King, You are King indeed)

Wòe nye Fia, (3x)

(You are King)

Fia nenye vavā

(You are King indeed)

Nye Mawue, yata makafui

(He’s my God, so I’ll praise him)

Fofonye ƒe Mawue

(He’s my father’s God)

Eyata madoe ɖe dzi

(So I’ll lift him up)

Yehowa enye aʋawɔla

(Jehovah is a warrior)

Eɳkɔe nye Yehowah, Eɳkɔe nye Yehowah

(His name is Jehovah, His name is Jehovah)

Yehowah! Yehowah! Yehowah!

(Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!)

Bubu na wò

(We honor You)

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