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Amy Schneider Before Surgery: Everything You Need To Know


A quick look of Amy Schneider Before Surgery in this post. Amy Schneider formerly known as Thomas is an American engineer and the second most successful person in the game show Jeopardy where she excelled by getting all the answers correct. She also doubles as one of the highest-earning game participants.

She made headlines in 2017 after coming out as a trans woman an act that made her gain huge public exposure. This article is going to talk exclusively about Amy Schneider Before Surgery and everything you need to know about her. But before then, take a seconds to review her profile summary below.

Full name: Amy Schneider
Date of birth: 29th May 1979
Occupation: Engineering manager, Game show contestant
Nationality: American
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: Brown
Height: 168cm
Weight: 126 pounds
Brother: John Schneider
Father: James Schneider
Partner: Genevieve David

Before I discuss about Amy Schneider Before Surgery, let’s see her early days in a short paragraph.

Early life

Born in Ohio states to a librarian dad and mother, she has a brother whom they both grew up together under the tutelage of their parents. She had her early education at Chaminade julienne high school before proceeding to the University of Dayton where she earned a degree in science.

In school, she was teased by her mates for having features of a transgender which made her face a lot of stigmatization, she was later on selected as the most possible candidate to appear on the jeopardy show.


She began her working career as a designer at NexTech and also a programmer for an architectural company, she then worked as a leading designer for Softbank robotics, also worked at Fieldwire company as a designing administrator before finally settling as an engineer manager.

Inspired by former jeopardy contestants Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, matt Amodio, and julio collins, she gave the jeopardy game a shot. Which saw her winning her first game in 2021 defeating reigning champion Andrew he. In the next games, she missed only one question, her active participation saw her earning a juicy sum of $ 1 million.

She then lost against fellow transgender Kate freeman, to which she delivered a speech that she’s very proud of her and thinks their victory in the game would also motivate other transgender who also have an interest in the jeopardy game.

She broke her role model matt Amodio’s 38-win record by surpassing him to 39. She tasted a huge defeat in 2022 to rhone Talsma Chicago-based librarian, despite her loss she was given a very hefty amount of money.

Amy Schneider Before Surgery

Amy once revealed in an interview that she wasn’t comfortably been a man, as during that phase of her life she was shy and had low self-esteem but after transition, it boosted her confidence. She can now attend any public function without having the mindset of being ridiculed and stigmatized.

Coming from a highly religious background Amy said it was really difficult for her parents to side with her on that as they saw it as bringing a dent on the family’s name, she also lost a lot of close friends due to that decision.

She had the life-changing surgery in 2017, an act she described as torn between life and death and she was ready for whatever outcome even if it would render her deformed or lose her life. She said the transition has also given her a very sound mind at work devoid of any form of distraction as previously she wasn’t emotionally sound.

She also said her coming out has also motivated a lot of transgenders who have sent her messages congratulating her. She has since then used her platform as a trans activist to speak against the discrimination of the LGBTQ community since she believes everyone has the right to any sexual preference.

Personal life

Amy was previously married to Keely annekan before his transition which they divorced but both maintain a very cordial relationship. She is currently in a relationship with Genevieve Davids whom she met through a friend at a program.

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